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Let Your Prospect Touch Your Product – Sandler Training

Every human has a preference for interacting with the world – visual, auditory or kinesthetic (touch). All of us use all three styles, but we have a preference, which is revealed by how we communicate (e.g. kinesthetics will want to “get a grip” on a problem). Understanding how your prospect likes to interact can increase rapport and shorten your sales cycles.

As the information we consume has moved more to video/graphics through touch interfaces the number of people who prefer to interact visually or kinesthetically increased.

A recurring theme with our clients when we support them with presentations is “let your prospect touch your product.”

That may not be literally possible because of the size of your product (e.g. industrial HVAC equipment) or you sell an intangible (e.g. accounting services), but you can get your prospect to “touch” your product by asking for their support to drive your PowerPoint slides (with an agreement up front that you’ll let them know when to switch) or hold your proposal when you present.

Asking your prospect to “touch” your product reduces the chances of them tuning out or attempting to pressure you during your presentation because they feel like they are an active participant.

When you do interact with an auditory prospect, that’s their *primary* sensory dominance. They will have a secondary dominance, visual or kinestheic.

Make a point of engaging your prospects visually and kinesthetically during your sales cycle. You’ll discover that your prospects are more willing to share information because you’re interacting with them in their preferred style.

Until next time… go sell something.

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