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Why does your fuel delivery business exist? – Manage Petro

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Did you ask yourself why does your fuel delivery business exist other then just making money?

It is a important question!

And what‘s scary is that some fuel delivery business owners don‘t have an answer to this question.

Let‘s be crystal clear – with this article I want to cover a very specific topic that will help our fuel community.

Here’s what I want to cover:

The topic of “How the fuel delivery business is a key driver for the whole economy in every country and the core WHY” which is addressing the title.

I actually believe that this topic will bring more meaning to every fuel delivery business owner in this excruciating & hard business.

To start off, the 2018 world is still all based on fuel production, distribution, consumption worldwide.

The fuel delivery business function is solving one core problem taking the fuel from production/refinery to worldwide use & consumption.

1 task, and it may sound easy on paper, however…

It’s Massive responsability & risks, daily costs, taxes, investments, assets maintenance, operations management acumen to deliver value to their partners, clients and the entire fuel logistics chain world.


A fuel delivery business exists with a WHY to provide continuous value to the entire world through a complex business & logistics chain is one who has a chance to build something sustainable.

Yes, this sounds “fluffy” and simple but this is where the BIG leverage is for business owners.


What is your purpose? Your believe in this business?

Simon Sinek says: ”People don‘t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.”

And with this concept about a business existence, he created the framework ”The Golden Circle” that helps define the WHY.

As a fuel delivery business owner you can use this to your advantage so you can build a better business (that actually delivers value to the world, not only the industry)


P.S. Here’s 5 TIPS on how you can provide radical value as a business owner to the entire fuel industry:

  1.  High level of service – extend control in all business operations, have a consistent way to communicate to your partners and customers too, keep all parties informed with all changes and improvements you achieve in your company. Create a better access to information you share with reports on assets, about equipment, storage tanks and more. Of course don’t forget to take feedback from your clients to implement it in your business, they will guide you to improve your service and go to the next level. This is key. Delivering the product on time will increase your customer satisfaction in this business by 35-55% than your competitors. Try to be flexible and have a solution for every specific requirements that suits your clients, flexible to increase their revenue, not just deliver a service.
  2.  Staff responsibility & management – a way to hold your team accountable is setting up staff KPIs, that will get essential productivity with human resources you already have. Then keep drivers & dispatchers together with communication tools, to be more instant with daily activity and make their job easier. All your staff needs to be on the same page… How? Practice an extensive training with practical information to educate your personnel in this field and how to meet customer needs like a professional, from clothes, practice, communication and having a step by step STRICT procedure.
  3.  Driver Retention – the most important responsibility you must have is reducing risks of danger for drivers. Accomplishing safety in the fuel delivery industry is very hard, but this is by far that number one thing that will increase driver retention (people need to feel safe and confident in their job). This makes it even more important to safeguard all aspects of fuel delivery service. Make drivers vehicle inspection consistent for preventing damages that can affect employ life and take feedback to them when it comes to state of the equipement. Another method is to embrace technology to make their daily routines easier and more productive. Satisfying driver needs will help drivers feel more supported, this can be more cost efficient than recruiting new drivers. And of course paying them better and reward their job is one of the key point how to increase driver retention in your company.
  4.  Automatic Invoicing – this will streamline customer & partners billing and make it seamless for your own internal staff. No more paper invoices, faxes or spreadsheets that consume time and leave you with a lot of human mistakes. Happy customer means you build a great word-of-mouth reputation, which brings you more long term business. One advantage is getting paid faster – save time by quickly set up a credit card payment and have access to a real-time income statement. Automatic invoicing is a valuable tool that will customize the invoice with total flexibility on different KPIs and reports.
  5.  Getting more customers – funny enough this will help you solve more problems for more companies, and that is by far the best and fastest way to offer value to the world. Get out of your comfort zone and be open for new opportunities that will create a stronger fuel delivery business. Be creative and build relationships, by attending events, form partnerships and build your social media.

I’m very curious if you liked this post, let me know via the following:

Meanwhile check what we do to help fuel delivery companies scale profitably!

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