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Case Study: Remote work supervision enhances safety and accountability – Osprey Informatics

Osprey Logo - December 2018 Update Feature

Midstream customer remotely monitors work at facilities through Osprey Reach, which detects and reports on safety compliance issues and inaccurate hourly invoicing, resulting in a 30% billing reduction.

A mid-size North American pipeline company was seeking a cost-effective way to monitor work at remote and lightly or completely unstaffed sites. The customer has a strong focus on safety and therefore wanted to ensure compliance for hazardous activities, and to be able to respond effectively to any safety incidents. The customer was also concerned with possible inaccurate billing for hourly work by contractors.

Osprey designed a solution for remote work supervision, built on its Osprey Reach intelligent visual monitoring platform.

Osprey Case Study Image

Remote operators and site supervisors can efficiently use Osprey Reach to:

  • Receive proactive alerts, powered by Osprey’s computer vision, for work activity at remote sites, and view live images and video of truck loading and other activities
  • Review images and video of past work activity to check for safety compliance issues
  • Compile visual reports as irrefutable evidence of worker accountability issues, such as unreported spills, site damage or inaccurate hourly invoicing

The solution is completely web-based, meaning it can be easily accessed from the customer’s control center or by remote workers on laptops, tablets and smartphones.


The solution delivered critical operational benefits, including:

  • A 30% invoice reduction based on inaccurate billing by a contractor. The customer used Osprey Reach to create a report showing the workers arriving and departing, with time-stamped images
  • Recovery of “several thousand” dollars in costs for an unreported spill at a truck loading site. The driver was also suspended from the site
  • Improved safety compliance through remote supervision. Images from Osprey Reach are also used for training purposes.
  • One-year ROI of 150%

The customer has expanded this solution to several more sites, and has also purchased several other solutions, including remote inspection and asset security.

For more information please visit:

1 (844) 590-0824

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