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THE INNOVATORS: SafeSeal Designs a System to Double the Life of Critical Valves – Presented by GridStone

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A company out of Drayton Valley has developed the SafeSeal Valve System designed to reduce pipeline spills and catastrophic events.

The concept is straightforward – poor maintenance of critical values can result in huge problems along a pipeline or with oil and gas operations. Essentially these valves need to be greased properly and frequently or the valves seals can be damaged and don’t function properly. When you have a pipeline depending on valves that work, maintenance, especially in remote areas, is critically important.

President of SafeSeal, Darren Urkevich says that remote equipment is the most likely to fall prey to poor maintenance due to inaccessibility. He has personally seen valve seals that tear or pull apart due to poor maintenance even ones that were only a few years old.

In this era of environmental concerns related to oil spills, health and safety of personnel and safe operations, SafeSeal’s 360 System is easy to install and it has the ability to run off solar power, nitrogen or instrument air. By maintaining these expensive, critical values with an automated or manual greasing system, SafeSeal has the ability to extend the life of these values by almost double by following best practices.

Here more directly from Darren in the video below.

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Lynette Lefsrud is President of GridStone, a business growth firm focused on revenue generation for innovative companies.

GridStone was created because we believe that technology and innovation challenge the status quo leading to technical breakthroughs and impactful ideas that change the world around us.

As a business growth firm focused on revenue generation, we look for ways to increase the money your business is making while staying true to your innovative focus and direction. Our goal is to help you grow your business in a way that is sustainable and that ultimately differentiates your business from your competitors over the long term.

We focus on business growth based on our 5 pillars: Business Planning, Sales, Marketing, Intellectual Property and Human Resources.

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