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Sandler “Sales” Training: It Will not Let You Fail – READ WHY HERE

Developing a Sustainable Economic Engine for Your Business

When you think of traditional sales training, you most likely have visions of intense weekend seminars, providing attendees with tricks and strategies to make more sales. Let’s be honest – this is simply not a sustainable way to grow consistent business revenue or human behaviour.

Sandler Training is anything but a weekend seminar filled with tricks. Sandler is an investment that provides ongoing support and guidance wherever there are two human beings interacting in an organization – whether internally or externally. As Hamish Knox, President of Sandler Training in Calgary, says, “sales is merely a series of mutually agreed upon conversations between people. What’s important for businesses is to have a communication system in place for these conversations to be intentional and create movement. ”

It is with this understanding that Knox focuses on supporting small and medium businesses in building the economic engine of their business for long-term success. And this all starts with human-to-human conversations.

Sandler Training Centre 3Sandler Training Centre

In the business of creating profit and revenue growth, Knox opened Sandler Training in May 2011 to support businesses in achieving sustainable success by design…not by default. “Before we even begin working with a company, we take the time to discover if we’re the right fit for them and vice versa,” Knox highlights. In this discovery, he ensures that there is no mutual mystification around what the prospective client’s issues are not only in relation to sales, but in leadership and management support as well. From there, it’s a matter of determining whether Sandler is the right “medication” so to speak for the ailment the company has. It’s important that Knox and prospective clients take the time to discover the real pains in their processes, whether it’s in their behaviours, attitudes, or techniques, as working with Sandler is not a quick fix package, but one that focuses on lasting changes so clients and their teams can work smarter, not harder, as they move closer to their personal mountain tops.

However, what truly sets Sandler Training apart is the environment that Knox fosters. He creates a safe place for people to feel supported in their training, allowing them to explore specific issues they are moving through, while still being challenged in a manner that sees them become more than they thought they could be. “We provide onboarding support at every stage of business life; we hold our clients accountable to implementing specific changes they commit to; and we give our clients opportunities to network and share best practices at our training sessions and sales leadership summit in March every year,” says Knox when referring to why Sandler’s approach is unique and not for those looking for quick fixes.

“People often think of ‘sales’ as a job, but with Sandler Training, we support you in building a long-term career,” Knox emphasizes. This highlights the belief that developing a sustainable career and a business takes time, investment, accountability, and, most importantly, a strategic design for success. Without these, companies and industries are more susceptible to the ebb and flow of markets. As such, Knox helps to “build on what’s already awesome [in our clients] by simply putting processes and structures in place to ensure that what’s awesome continues to grow. And, when things happen, as they always will, clients then have something to fall back on to support them through these bumps in the road, rather than falling apart.” In fact, Knox has great client success stories, including one who more than double their sales in the first six months of working with Sandler.

Not only is Knox committed to supporting clients with their business growth, but is also dedicated to supporting the greater business community. With this, his Sandler Training centre offers two scholarships each year to organizations that have the right attitude and commitment to their success. This year, the recipients were:

Both recipients of these scholarships receive over 200 hours of sales and leadership training, in addition to private coaching and consulting with Knox. With the success of the scholarship programs, applications for the 2018-year are now open, with the Student Scholarship deadline being November 30, 2017 and the Not-for-Profit deadline March 1, 2018.Sandler student scholarship

Allan Luu, Student Sholarship winner

David H. Sandler, founder of Sandler Global, said it best, “you won’t fail because I won’t let you.” And this is the approach Knox uses to support his clients day in and day out, year over year. The value of Sandler Training goes over and above “sales.” In reality, because of the commitment, accountability, and design process thinking, clients see improvements not just in their sales, but also in their leadership and management skills, along with growth in their personal lives. Truly, clients won’t fail because Knox and his team simply won’t let them.

To learn more about Hamish Knox and Sandler Training, visit, or contact Better yet, call 403-457-1507 for a human-to-human conversation.

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