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The annual conference for the Canadian Global Exploration Forum (CGEF) returns to Calgary, September 27-28, 2017.

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The theme the conference is “New Global Challenges – Canadian Solutions”; but perhaps given the interest in clean technologies this year, the theme could be updated to “New Global Challenges – Canadian Cleantech Solutions”.  The growing interest in Canadian clean technology on oil & gas exploration and production will be highlighted at the upcoming Canadian Global Exploration Forum conference.

That trend is evident in the evolution of the Petroleum Services Association of Canada (PSAC) which was founded in 1981 at the peak of the federal-provincial energy battles.  The association, a valued partner of CGEF, recently opened its doors to membership for cleantech companies and companies that provide services to renewable energy developers.

“Our members who are in a position to adapt or adopt clean technologies are doing so,” says Mark Salkeld, President & CEO for PSAC. “Lots of interest in the whole clean. Where it’s applicable we’re seeing it and they’re adapting because it just makes sense.

“It’s affordable and the customers are demanding it. The customers are expecting it . . . We had to change because our membership was changing. We’re advocating on behalf of responsible Canadian energy. We know that we’re not going to be running out of oil and gas any time soon and the services required to maintain, drill, complete and reclaim that infrastructure.”

The Canadian Global Exploration Forum annual conference attracts over 300 delegates from 10 countries.   This year’s conference examines what it takes to be successful in international conventional and unconventional projects, the growing role of clean technology in E&P and the impact of financial markets and legal trends in international E&P.

During the conference, two sessions will focus on exporting Canadian cleantech to other countries when Canadian E&P companies go to work internationally.

Adele Williamson, a director with CGEF, says sessions on cleantech are very new to the conference.

“We just felt that there was a growing trend and interest and we had to get involved,” says Williamson. “The world is changing and we all need to do our part. We’re not focusing on renewable energy. We’re focusing on how to do what we do now cleaner and better and more efficiently.

“The growing interest is starting in the industry so I think we have to help facilitate it.”

Williamson says there are also many smart people in Calgary who have lost their jobs over the past few years because of the economic downturn caused by the collapse in oil prices.

“They’re coming up with some very creative, innovative ideas of how we can do things better out in the field. So, we want to feature them as well. Give them a chance to network with possible investors, possible partners.”

Salkeld says PSAC members are among the leaders in the world in developing and adopting clean technology.

“We’re as entrepreneurial here in Alberta and in Canada as anywhere else in the world. There’s lots of support by the provincial government for supporting clean development and technologies,” he says. “I just know from 37 years in the oil patch these guys are entrepreneurs. They’re savvy business people. If there’s an opportunity to improve, they compete against each other for a better service. The cleantech, energy efficiency that’s the kind of era we’re in right now. They’re going for it.”

Audrey Mascarenhas, President and CEO of Questor Technology Inc., will be speaking at the conference about the opportunities for clean technology for oil and gas exploration.

“There’s a push to really tackle emissions whether it’s air quality, energy efficiency or climate change. One of our challenges in the oil and gas industry is to look for ways that we can be more efficient, reduce costs to deal with a global push to lower carbon. The reality is the world needs energy from oil and gas and fossil fuels,” she says. “The way our oil and gas industry continues to stay relevant is to find ways that they can transition and re-invent themselves so that they do deal with the issues around emissions.

Questor is focused on clean air technologies that safely and cost effectively improve air quality, support energy efficiency and greenhouse gas emission reductions. Questor designs, manufactures and services high efficiency waste gas combustion systems; as well as, power generation systems and water treatment solutions utilizing waste heat.

The conference facilitates cooperation among Canadian international petroleum exploration and production companies through the sharing of expertise, technology, and opportunities. The conference is a unique event that connects international E&P companies, governments, service providers, consultancies and financiers with new business opportunities.

The Canadian Global Exploration Forum Annual Conference takes place September 27-28 at the Calgary Telus Convention Centre.  At the conference, sessions will include “Clean Technology – Applications to International E&P” and “Clean Technology in E&P – Making It Work.”  In addition to clean technology presentations, delegates will have the opportunity to meet six clean tech innovators being featured at the conference.

For additional information on the clean technology sessions, the companies being represented, and registration details for the conference, please visit

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