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Two-thirds of Trucks Fail Roadside Inspections: Read Why – Assetworks


Two-thirds of Trucks Fail Roadside Inspections

In May, the Calgary Police conducted a three-day roadside inspection, and the results were startling. Two-thirds of trucks failed the inspections with the most common offences being suspended drivers, flat tires, unsecured cargo and broken wheel fasteners. 140 vehicles were deemed unsafe, and 195 tickets were handed out resulting in costly fines.

The police reported similar results last year, and Constable Chris Moriarity, who oversees these inspections, says the numbers are concerning.

For example, if a truck with unsecured cargo is involved in a crash, the results could be catastrophic. This year, one of the worst failed inspection cases was a truck found to be hauling an uncovered and unsecured bin full of sheet metal, and driving on numerous punctured, damaged or otherwise dangerous tires.

“Improper load securement is one of the costliest offences professional drivers face — up to $776 for large trucks.”

A recent multi-vehicle crash on Deerfoot Trail was triggered by a poorly-secured ladder that fell into the path of an oncoming car according to Moriarity.

Costly fines and insurance costs if an accident occurs add up for fleets. With a Daily Vehicle Inspection (DVI) solution that requires drivers to carry out a complete inspection of their vehicle before operating it, fleet managers can be confident that their drivers will pass roadside inspections.

Electronic DVIR Makes Inspections Quick and Easy

A Daily Vehicle Inspection (DVI) solution that requires drivers carry out a complete inspection of their vehicle before operating it can be an important component of an organization’s safety policy. Real-time collection of vehicle inspection faults ensures that vehicles with known issues aren’t being used. DVI inspections can be carried out using a mobile computer, tablet or smartphone, and specific personnel can be alerted via email when a defect is reported.

AssetWorks Field Service Solution with DVIR

AssetWorks Field Service Solution’s Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports (DVIR) work hand-in-hand with Electronic Logging Devices (ELDs) in order to keep drivers and vehicles safe. The DVIR functionality includes real-time alerts and the driver receives direct feedback of major defects. Depending on different vehicle types, inspection points are customized, and paper is reduced through the electronic system. Additionally, it is integrated with fleet management and maintenance software, so that an accurate record is kept of the vehicle’s history and faults, and vehicles with issues can be scheduled for maintenance immediately.

Don’t be a member of the, ‘I failed a roadside inspection’ club. Request a demo to see our DVIR solution today.

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