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Think You Don’t Need Marketing? Think again!


Some believe that strong, strategic marketing efforts need only be reserved for a select few industries. The fact is, marketing is invaluable, no matter what your line of business may be. A solid marketing plan sets the foundation for business growth, and boasts countless benefits. Marketing can build brand awareness, increase sales, engage your target audience and help achieve business objectives. The term Marketing is broad in scope, and often confused with advertising and public relations.  Think of marketing as an umbrella term, with related spokes including direct sales, advertising, and media relations combing to create the marketing strategy. No matter the strength of your product or service, without marketing efforts, generating new sales leads and customers is more difficult. Here are some reasons why and how strategic marketing efforts will help your business reach its full potential.

You’ll Raise Brand Awareness
At bare minimum, marketing does wonders for raising awareness of your brand in the minds of your target audience. Even if your marketing campaign doesn’t automatically result in a sale at first, what’s important is your potential customers are becoming familiar with your business. With heightened awareness, when your target audience does need to make a purchase or find a new service partner, they will remember your brand, your product and its benefits. Raising awareness through marketing allows your business to expand its reach and customer base.

You’ll Build Brand Assets
Marketing allows you to build digital brand assets that will help build momentum over time. Developing a strong social presence is key, whether you begin with an e-newsletter, Facebook or LinkedIn page, helps establish your brand and makes it easier to connect with your clients, new and existing. Creating social assets for marketing campaigns in the present helps set the foundation for marketing efforts in the future. No matter what your business sells, you can develop a powerful social asset to use for promotions and outreach. Every business that wants to grow has social assets, whether it’s an online database or an offline address book. Also look for online media that targets your customer base and use that for marketing. Start building your social asset today and over time, develop this powerful tool for promoting your products and increasing your sales.  Delaying your social media presence is only delaying sales.   Remember, your competitors are not standing still.  You do not operate your business in a vacuum.

You’ll Discover What Works
Marketing efforts provide access to valuable metrics, providing insight on what works and what doesn’t. Tools like Google Analytics and Hootsuite help track what content is resonating with your target audience, be it blog posts, e-newsletters, social media campaigns or web traffic. Learning more about how your audience interacts with your brands will help inform your future marketing tactics.

You’ll Increase Sales
More brand awareness + more brand loyalty = more sales. The more potential customers know about your brand, the more willing they are to buy what you’re selling, whether it’s a product or a service. Increased sales revenue is often the ultimate goal, made possible when strategic marketing efforts place your brand front and centre in the minds of your target audience.

About WJ – William Joseph Communcations

A recognized leader in the marketing industry, William Joseph is a full-service agency that empowers businesses of all sizes to change the world and achieve bold performance targets. Our commitment to founding all of our solutions on strategy ensures clients connect with their ideal target audience and compels them to act. With years of direct experience empowering organizations in the energy sector, William Joseph knows that marketing in the oil and gas industry is not optional, but necessary.


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