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The Most Trusted Sand Solution – Specialized Desanders

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Specialized Desanders Inc

Sand is an extremely destructive force in the oil and gas industry.  It puts your people, your production and your profits all at risk. Headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, Specialized Desanders has two field offices in the province, as well as one in Pennsylvania. It is the most trusted sand management solution.  Innovation involves exploring novel means of thinking and considering what can be, rather than what is. It’s the ability to question, ‘Is there a better way?’, which is why we are at the forefront of the industry. 

Specialized Desanders (SDI) was founded in 2001 by three energy sector veterans who saw a need for horizontal well Desanding technology. The co-founders realized that sand is a huge concern for oil and gas producers because sand continuously blasts away at your mission critical equipment. It can inflict expensive damage and shut down production for weeks at a time.  The risks range from $10,000 seals and $30,000 pumps to regulatory injunctions and multi-million dollar catastrophic failures.  Unabated sand flow compromises the integrity of infrastructure and your corporate reputation.

Our team of Elite Engineers designed a portable patented Desander that is installed upstream of surface equipment. Our exclusive focus is sand extraction from oil and gas wells.  Our technology has earned 20 patents worldwide.  It is the standard by which all other companies are measured.  Specialized Desanders has been mimicked by many but equaled by none.

SDI stops sand right at the wellhead before it can inflict any damage.  We protect well site workers and downstream facilities from the devastation of sand.  We’ve logged more than 35,000 well months (not including units sold) of sand production globally, which is why we are unrivalled by any competitor.  The competition can’t handle the volumes of sand that we can handle.

SDI lives at the forefront of the industry.  For more than 16 years we have earned the trust of our clients by solving their most challenging sand dilemmas.  We have the industry’s largest fleet of desander units.  We have designed 78 models of desanders.  That’s more than all our competitor’s combined.  Anything less is a compromise that jeopardizes worker and equipment safety.

Specialized Desanders’ vessels rely on gravity separation rather than hydro-cyclonic or filter principles meaning that its engineered solution is an application of Stokes’ Law that allows the sand to fall to the bottom. The competition’s products have several parts that can erode or fail, requiring replacement.

All our pressurized vessels are certified and registered with Alberta Boilers Safety Association (ABSA) to maintain safe operation. All well operators receive specialized training and orientation in the safe operation and servicing of the desanders. Safety is paramount to us.

Desanders Footer ImageSpecialized Desanders’ Sand Sentry enables monitoring of sand production at well sites or online to schedule Desander clean outs. Sand Sentry is the world’s first real-time monitoring system on the market.  SDI’s solid steel vessels can’t be seen through, but the Sand Sentry will indicate how much sand is in the vessel.  It is a web-based, on site sand monitoring system that will monitor your sand production automatically and make sure you know when cleanouts are required.  Access your data anytime, anywhere, and be notified by SMS or email when cleanouts are required.  This system can be integrated into a well site SCADA system to automate shutdown protocol.  It’s just one more thing that really set us apart in the market.

Get production peace of mind!  Solve your sand problems at the source.  Rely on SDI, the industry’s most trusted, most effective, most experienced and most reliable sand management solution.

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