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Looking to Expand into New Foreign Areas? REGISTER for the Country Market Seminar Series: FREE

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Canada has always been a leader in doing business internationally in different energy markets.  So, it’s no surprise to learn that more companies are seeking out information on expanding into new and challenging foreign areas.

The Country Market Seminar Series at Global Petroleum Show, sponsored in part by the Canadian Global Exploration Forum (CGEF), is the place where operators and service companies alike gain valuable insights. At Global Petroleum Show, representatives from international governments and national oil companies from around the world present within the Country Market Seminar Series to share opportunities in their countries and the process of conducting business transactions.

“The general thought among most of my colleagues is that Canadian companies have created much of the value in many overseas  countries such as Colombia, Argentina,  as well as a number of other ones in Southeast Asia and Africa.. Canadian expertise has really made the difference,” says Ian Moffat, Director and Conference Chair of the Canadian Global Exploration Forum.

“We think that Canadian companies have a wealth of knowledge about business practices, technology but are also at the forefront of implementing corporate social responsibility and other pertinent issues such as environmental stewardship.”

Research conducted by CGEF a few years ago has indicated there were as many as 136 Canadian E&P companies, mainly with head offices in Calgary, operating in the oil and gas sector in about 36 different countries. These companies were producing something in the order of about one million barrels of oil a day equivalent.

“CGEF can be a good point of first contact for a Canadian E&P company looking to go international. We can help them with background knowledge regarding laws, E&P potential and potential pitfalls in various countries, introduce them to the people they need to talk to in various governments, as well as put them in contact with Canadian commercial representatives at the provincial and federal government levels.” says Moffat.

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The Canadian Global Exploration Forum is the only registered Canadian organization that serves and promotes Canadian-based international oil and gas exploration and production companies. CGEF members meet every second month for lunch talks/networking and once annually for its two-day international conference in Calgary.

Its mission statement is: To facilitate cooperation amongst Canadian international petroleum exploration and production companies through the sharing of expertise, technology and opportunities; and to promote member companies through the development of affiliations with government agencies in Canada and internationally.

The annual Canadian Global Exploration Forum conference take place in September in Calgary, Canada. Dr. Moffat says CGEF is a trade group which was formed several years ago to promote Canadian E&P companies and help facilitate their interests in doing business internationally. This fall’s forum will be the sixth annual.  Last year, over 200 delegates representing 159 companies participated in the Forum. “Overall it’s been growing slowly but steadily,” adds Dr. Moffat.

A schedule of presentations and FREE registration for the Country Market Presentations at Global Petroleum Show can be found at

Information regarding the Canadian Global Exploration Forum can be found on its website at

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