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The Digital Oilfield Zone – Don’t Miss the Latest Technology at GPS 2017 – Exhibit & Free to Attend – Information HERE

Global Petroleum Show 2017

The intersection between oil & gas industry and the digital industry has never been more evident than it is today, and its worth billions of dollars to energy operators in cost savings and business efficiencies. Whether it is communications, mobile apps, big data or automation; companies cannot ignore the new era of digital oilfield.

The burgeoning digital sphere is front and centre at Global Petroleum Show 2017 with its unique and popular “Digital Oilfield Zone”.

Visitors to GPS can expect to see companies focused on drone technology, data collection, automation, virtual reality, and mobile devices software. The Digital Oilfield Zone will help companies combine business process management with advanced information technology and engineering expertise to streamline and, in many cases, automate the execution of tasks performed by cross-functional teams.

Kristine Zukose, public activities manager of Inductive Automation, which is based in Folsom, California, says the company will be sharing a booth with four other companies in the Digital Oilfield Zone – Cirrus Link, Elecsys Corporation, Kymera Systems and The Streamline Group.  Inductive Automation has developed an industrial application platform.

“We did a similar type of booth (at GPS) last year which was very effective. We followed up the show about two weeks later with a one-day seminar with really an end-to-end solution for SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) in the oil and gas industry,” says Zukose.

“We’re going to the oil and gas show because it’s very useful in oil and gas pipelines. That’s one of our largest segments.”

The oil and gas industry is facing huge changes in the coming years dealing with the price of oil, aging infrastructure, automation systems and the convergence of operational technology and information technology.

From regulatory and operating apps to drone technology, the Digital Oilfield Zone gives companies the unique opportunity to showcase their products and increase their exposure to the world market.

Steve Zurakowski, president of Calgary-based Dynamic Vision Inc., says the 3D visualization company is pleased to have a booth at the Global Petroleum Show this year.


“We’re a service provider and we create visual content to help anybody in sales and marketing, safety training, design engineering and stakeholder presentations,” says Zurakowski. “We started off doing 3D animation and as that technology sort of expanded we’ve done the same in terms of offering new technologies to our clients. That takes us to where we are today in terms of the virtual reality component.” The company was last at GPS in 2012 when it introduced virtual reality.

“It was very expensive and that’s one thing that’s really changed over the years. It’s become affordable and portable,’’ says Zurakowski.

“One of the reasons we’re doing the show again is to re-introduce this technology to the oil and gas industry and let people know it’s time to embrace new technology and hopefully excite them to use it as hopefully a competitive tool and maybe get them back on track with this industry in terms of moving forward.”

The Digital Oilfield Zone at GPS 2017 hosts exhibits and seminars and is free to attend with your show registration.  

STILL NEED TO REGISTER FOR GPS17?  Register FREE (Use Promo Code GPS2C) for a Limited Time ($125 Value) – Global Petroleum Show 2017 – Calgary, Alberta, Canada: June 13-15, 2017  REGISTER HERE

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