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Enterprise Group Announces Results for Fourth Quarter and Full Year 2016


Date issue: March 20, 2017
Time in: 9:00 AM e


ST. ALBERT, ALBERTA--(Marketwired - March 20, 2017) - Enterprise Group, Inc. ("Enterprise," or "the Company") (TSX:E), a consolidator of services to the energy sector; focused primarily on construction services and specialized equipment rental, today released its Q4 2016 and FY2016 results.



Three months Three months December Year ended December 31, 2015 December Consolidated: 31, 2016 restated(3)(4) 31, 2016 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Revenue $8,326,646 $6,928,381 $28,723,585 Gross margin $2,415,477 $312,879 $6,828,782 Gross margin % 29% 5% 24% EBITDA(1) $1,827,760 ($120,950) $3,851,894 Loss before tax (2) ($8,311,697) ($19,466,008) ($15,553,151) Net loss from continuing operations (2) ($8,047,925) ($17,252,047) ($12,922,496) Loss from discontinued operations (3)(4) ($1,872,539) ($1,312,265) ($242,544) Net loss and comprehensive loss (2) ($9,920,464) ($18,408,292) ($13,165,040) EPS ($0.18) ($0.35) ($0.24) Total assets $84,600,493 $119,217,868 $84,600,493 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------


Year ended December 31, 2015 Change year Consolidated: restated(3)(4) over year ------------------------------------------------------------- Revenue $39,754,739 ($11,031,154) Gross margin $9,076,938 ($2,248,156) Gross margin % 23% 1% EBITDA(1) $5,500,260 ($1,648,366) Loss before tax (2) ($23,250,495) $7,697,344 Net loss from continuing operations (2) ($19,906,559) $6,984,063 Loss from discontinued operations (3)(4) ($400,592) $158,048 Net loss and comprehensive loss (2) ($20,307,151) $7,142,111 EPS ($0.40) $0.16 Total assets $119,217,868 ($34,617,375) ------------------------------------------------------------- (1) Identified and defined under "Non-IFRS Measures". (2) Includes a non-recurring and non-cash impairment charge of $8,436,911 (2015 - $16,558,240) relating to property, plant and equipment, intangible assets and goodwill. (3) In July 2016, the Company closed a transaction to divest substantially all the assets of TCB. The net operations of TCB, including the prior period, are presented as a single amount in the consolidated statements of loss and comprehensive loss. (4) In December 2016, the Company decided to cease all operations relating to single pass tunneling. The net operations of this line of business, including the prior period, are presented as a single amount in the consolidated statements of loss and comprehensive loss.


For the FY 2016, revenues totaled C$28.7 million versus C$39.8 million FY 2015.

For Q4 ending December 31, 201, Enterprise saw a 20 percent increase in revenue to C$8.3 million from C$6.9 million for the same period 2016. Gross profit margin rose to 29% from 5% in Q4 2015.

As well, the Company is pleased to report positive EBITDA of C$1.8 million for Q4 2016 versus (C$120,950) 2015. For the same period, EBITDA rose to 22% from negative 2% in Q4 2015.

"Enterprise management is extremely encouraged by our latest results," stated Leonard D. Jaroszuk, CEO, President and Chairman. "From negative cash flow in Q4 2015, management efforts raised that number to positive C$0.07 per share. As well, we secured amended loan agreements to reduce our interest rate along with more favourable covenants. Equally impressive is that the Company retired debt of C$18.3 million through the funds (C$19.8 million) received from the transaction to divest substantially all the assets of TC Backhoe & Directional Drilling Ltd (TCB)."

The acquisition of TCB in 2007 for $12 million was immediately accretive. During our 9.5 years of ownership, TC generated roughly 13-fold ($154 million) the purchase price in revenues and extended our reputation as the premier and frankly the only 'One Stop Source' for virtually every critical resource construction service.

While it has been an extremely challenging period for resource companies in Western Canada, Enterprise has demonstrated its confidence and ability to analogously 'weather the storm' strongly while many competitors and clients are either financially impaired or gone altogether.

Enterprise has turned in significant gross margin and EBITDA improvements evidenced in the fourth quarter which is the result of determined leadership. Management's continued efforts to streamline and maximize efficiencies are now firmly in place and delivering meaningful margin ratios while still navigating a challenging landscape.

The improvements to profits and the rapid return to significant cashflow should give investors' and shareholders confidence for the future. Certainly, all is still challenging in Western Canada, but today's results show a significant improvement in both business and the overall environment.

Enterprises' clients include some of Canada's largest energy producers, utility service providers and the federal and provincial governments of Canada. The Company employs management highly experienced in large infrastructure projects.

Given the noted limited visibility for 2017 activity and pricing levels, Enterprise will maintain a conservative approach towards Capital Spending while looking at fleet management and opportunistic asset dispositions. This approach will allow management to both maintain critical financial flexibility, allow for strategic, accretive acquisitions and continue to build compelling shareholder value.

About Enterprise Group, Inc.

Enterprise Group, Inc. is a consolidator of construction services companies operating in the energy, utility and transportation infrastructure industries. The Company's focus is primarily construction services and specialized equipment rental. The Company's strategy is to acquire complementary service companies in Western Canada, consolidating capital, management, and human resources to support continued growth. More information is available at the Company's website Corporate filings can be found on

Forward Looking Information
Certain statements contained in this news release constitute forward-looking
information. These statements relate to future events or the Company's future
performance. The use of any of the words "could", "expect", "believe", "will",
"projected", "estimated" and similar expressions and statements relating to
matters that are not historical facts are intended to identify forward-looking
information and are based on the Company's current belief or assumptions as to
the outcome and timing of such future events. Actual future results may differ
materially. The Company's Annual Information Form and other documents filed
with securities regulatory authorities (accessible through the SEDAR website describe the risks, material assumptions and other factors that
could influence actual results and which are incorporated herein by reference.
The Company disclaims any intention or obligation to publicly update or revise
any forward-looking information, whether as a result of new information, future
events or otherwise, except as may be expressly required by applicable
securities laws.

Non-IFRS Measures
The Company uses International Financial Reporting Standards ("IFRS"). EBITDAS
is not a measure that has any standardized meaning prescribed by IFRS and is
therefore referred to as a non-IFRS measure. This news release contains
references to EBITDAS. This non-IFRS measure used by the Company may not be
comparable to a similar measure used by other companies. Management believes
that in addition to net income, EBITDAS is a useful supplemental measure as it
provides an indication of the results generated by the Company's principal
business activities prior to consideration of how those activities are financed
or how the results are taxed. EBITDAS is calculated as net income excluding
depreciation, amortization, interest, taxes and stock based compensation.

- END RELEASE - 20/03/2017

For further information:
Leonard Jaroszuk
President & CEO
Desmond O'Kell
Senior Vice-President


INDUSTRY: Energy and Utilities - Oil and Gas
RELEASE ID: 20170320CC0047

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All press releases are written by the client and have NO affiliation with the news copy written by The Canadian Press. Any questions that arise due to the content or information provided in the press release should be directed to the company/organization issuing the release, not to The Canadian Press.

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