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Creating a Sustainable Business Model During $45 Oil – AFTI Watchdog

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Shift in Operating Philosophy

We recently received this email from one of our customers and believe it reflects changing outlooks in our industry.

“Initially it was what can I delay until oil prices improve, but now the focus has shifted to how can I change my daily operations to create long term sustainability. Staff has been cut, and now it’s about figuring out how to conduct our business differently and still meet all the requirements for regulatory compliance, safety, equipment integrity, and worker efficiency.”

This customer – and several others – have elected to change their business by visiting their wells virtually ( and managing by exception. The customer’s own payback analysis showed that the cost of installing WatchDogs was paid back in 6 months by shifting activities from “windshield time” to high payoff activities that increased production, improved regulatory compliance and reduced 3rd party services.

Safely Reduce Routine Well Site Visits – ‘Virtual Well Site Visit’

In a fraction of the time and cost of the routine daily visit, WatchDog3 can reliably inform you of the status of your wells and display a visual of the leases to show that there is no environmental incidents occurring.

Virtually visiting the well sites, frees up a tremendous amount of time which could then be focused on higher payoff activities.

Instead of feeling rushed to visit every well, every day, you can easily access the status of all your wells in seconds.

You will be aware of any outages or issues occurring in the field in a timely manner which keeps production up, reduces overtime, and avoids costly environmental incidents.

Follow the link to try a Virtual Well Site Visit out for yourself.

Contact AFTI Watchdog

Contact: Caleb Pierce

Other Info: Please visit our demo site at to take a Virtual Well Site visit for yourself.

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