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Energy Auctions Inc. announces ‘Leasing’ options for surplus equipment

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Energy Auctions Inc announces ‘Leasing’ options for surplus equipment.

We’re very proud to announce that we can now provide leasing options for the industry. There will be a leasing program along with a lease to buy program implemented immediately for surplus equipment in the oil and gas industry. This means that:

  • Capital output will no longer be a hindrance when purchasing equipment.
  • More capital available to utilize in other areas rather than every $ going to purchase price!
  • Less risk
  • Options to fit your budget

This exciting option will be made available immediately to the industry says Marlon Ellerby President Energy Auctions Inc. “In today’s world, every dollar counts and if you don’t have to lay out everything up front the economics of your project will make sense. At $48 oil…risk management is crucial and I believe using our leasing options it will minimize that risk”.

Terms are specific to the type of equipment of course. Below are some general guidelines.

24 month minimum terms

Maintenance in or out contracts available

Return and no return charge contracts available

Option to purchase contracts available.

“We will look at each deal individually and we are flexible. We need to get the industry working again and providing the capital to complete or under go new projects and this will be one way to ensure that” says Marlon

For more information regarding the program and requirements

Please contact:

Marlon Ellerby

President – Energy Auctions Inc

403 815 2016

[email protected]


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