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Fair Government Treatment for Energy Workers – Add Your Name to This Open Letter – Canada Action

Anti-pipeline activists are circulating petitions demanding that the oil and gas industry receive no COVID-19 support from our government.

What might surprise you is they claim to be doing it in the name of oil and gas workers:

It’s critical that we speak up and balance the conversation.

We know that the people who work in the industry want access to good paying, reliable jobs – not short-lived government handouts. Energy workers want to see the government support their industry, just as they are doing for others during this crisis.

People working in oil and gas want fair treatment from our government.

That’s why we launched an open letter to ask Canadians to ensure that anti-pipeline groups don’t force the exclusion of the oil and gas industry and its 500,000 workers from our national Coronavirus response package. After all, the oil and gas industry has generated more than $200 billion in government revenues since 2007 in addition to the untold billions of additional economic prosperity created.

We are hoping to get thousands of energy industry workers and their families to sign this to send a message to the government that all Canadians – in all industries – are equally deserving of support.

Will you sign and share this letter in support of oil and gas workers? Will you also send this around to your friends and family members?

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