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Overcome the problems of traditional assemblies on primary isolation valves

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Anderson Greenwood Instrumentation Products compact one-piece valves are designed to overcome the problems of traditional assemblies on primary isolation duties.  By combining piping and instrument valves in a single assembly, they provide weight and space savings, along with other benefits including reduced leakage and a safer hook-up.  This more compact and efficient arrangement reduces pipework vibration and associated stress to offer the ideal configuration for many arduous applications.

Conventional – Double Block and Bleed

The disadvantages with conventional primary isolation double block and bleed pressure tappings based on a typical ANSI 1-inch [25 mm], 1500lb multi-valve assembly.

  • Weight: 100lb [45 kg]
  • Height: 5 ft [1500 mm]
  • Leak points: 8
  • Susceptible to vibration stress failure
  • Support bracket required
  • Induced bending moment acts on branch fitting weld
  • On-site labor required assemble
  • Six gaskets and bolting sets required

Overcome the problems of traditional assemblies on primary isolation valves 1

The Anderson Greenwood Instrumentation Products Solutions

Anderson Greenwood Instrumentation products has the ultimate solutions for a compact range of one-piece forged body primary isolation, feature a choice of end connections, body styles and valve technology.


All Anderson Greenwood Instrumentation Products primary isolation valves are designed to comply with the following code requirements.

  • ANSI/ASME B16.34
    Material wall thickness
  • ANSI/ASME B16.5
    Flange dimensions
    Design procedures and materials
  • ANSI/ASME B1.20.1
    National pipe threads
  • API 607/BS6755
    Fire tested


  • Double block and bleed instrument isolation
  • Gauge isolation
  • Instrument drain
  • Chemical injection connection
  • Sample connections
  • Chemical seal instrument isolation
  • Piping/instrument interface
  • Direct mounting of instruments
  • Remote mounting of instruments


Advantages gained by installing Anderson Greenwood Instrumentation Products Keyblok and Monoflange Primary Isolation Valves, based on a typical ANSI 1-inch [25mm], 1500-lb one-piece intergrally forged valve:

  • Reduced weight – 15.4lb [7.0 kg]
  • Reduced height – 10 in [250.0 mm]
  • Reduced leakage points
  • Reduced effect of system vibration
  • Supporting brackets are not required
  • Reduced bending moment action on the vessel branch fitting weld
  • Reduced gaskets and bolting

Overcome the problems of traditional assemblies on primary isolation valves 2

Westech Industrial’s TESCOM AGI pressure relief valves, tank protection products, primary isolation valves, and instrumentation set the industry standard for repeatable service and long service life. The breadth of Anderson Greenwood product offerings for both standard and specialized installations combined with unmatched application expertise, product quality, and availability provides for complete valve solutions in the oil and gas, chemical, power generation, and refining industries.

To find out more about Westech’s TESCOM AGI products please contact us at (403) 252-8803 or visit our website at

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