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Opinion: Is Hypocrisy a Deception or a Lie – Part 2 – The Answer: When it Comes to Canada’s Energy Industry, It’s Both: – Dave Humphreys

October 16, 2019

Dave Humphreys

 A few months ago I wrote an article which at the time I thought would be my first and my last venture into journalism. I wrote the article because I felt extremely frustrated with the unbelievable, hypocritical and untruthful propaganda that was being strewn across the national media circuit by climate alarmists who’s only agenda is to shut down Canada’s fossil fuel industry. They coincidentally have the same mandate as our current Prime Minister of Canada does.

Speaking of which, this brings me to my second foray into journalism. Again I find myself extremely perplexed and increasingly frustrated at what I continue to read in the national media. Before I proceed with this second article I feel it would be appropriate to take you back to my first article that was published on July 5th, 2019 and entitled “Is Hypocrisy a Deception or a Lie?” Part 1 – HERE
I have now come to the conclusion that with respect to our current Prime Minister and his actions, the answer to this question is; It is Both.

On June 18th, 2019, the House of Commons declared a national climate emergency based on a motion that was spearheaded by Canada’s Environment Minister, Catherine Mckenna, on the same day she was seen being escorted to climate change meetings in a chauffeured-driven limousine. This was such a monumental declaration for our country that our Prime Minister made the choice to attend a celebration party for the Raptors in Toronto rather than participate in this critical House of Commons vote.

 I will now fast track to September 27th, the day of the recent Montreal climate march. Our Prime Minster took the opportunity of a photo op (in an attempt to increase his voting base) with a young, innocent and very scared child that is being and has been exploited by her handlers (including her parents) for many years, in spite of her mental health challenges. During this fatherly photo op with young Greta (Thunberg) she told the Prime Minister he was not doing enough to fight climate change and that he needed to do more.

One can only imagine what his response was but it probably went something like this…

 “Greta thank you for meeting with me today and giving me the opportunity for a great photo op. Is my hair OK? On a side note, did you know that my liberal party are huge supporters of the CBC and that our meeting today will be broadcast on the National News tonight here in Canada? Regardless, I want to start by commending you for your courage in sailing with your film maker father across the Atlantic to New York, to avoid having to take a high carbon flight. Is it true that several people will be flying to New York to sail your boat back to Sweden for you? I don’t blame you, it’s a long voyage.

This will yield a few more green-house gas emissions than if you yourself had just flown straight to New York but I totally understand why you decided to sail as opposed to flying. It was such a beautiful sight for the world to watch you pull into New York harbor in your big beautiful sail boat with the water splashing up over the sides and the wind blowing the sails. First impressions and public perception is everything, I get it. I used to be a drama teacher you know. From what I have read, acting runs in your family as well.

Anyways, back to your important question… I promise to do more to battle climate change. I will continue to raise taxes, even at the expense of many businesses and provincial economies, so that we have the financial capacity to buy our way out of this catastrophic climate emergency, if we need to. BUT, first I must focus on getting re-elected! To do this I will have to ignore global warming for a moment, which might come across as a little hypocritical, because I have to fly all over Canada in two very large carbon emitting airplanes, with my name plastered all over the side, in big red letters, in order to reach as many Canadians as possible, in a very short period of time. Greta you may think bad of me for having to temporarily park the whole climate emergency thing while I focus on my real priority of getting re-elected, but I am planning on marching in your climate strike today, so I was hoping you would cut me some slack. You see, the reason I need TWO airplanes is not only because my campaign can afford it, but because we just have way more political party paraphernalia than the other parties do.

Greta I can’t help but feel, that you feel, that It was very hypocritical or deceptive for me to have purchased the TMX pipeline this past year. I assure you it was not people like you that I was trying to deceive, it was western Canada that I had to pacify. Please keep this between us. If you feel you need to tell someone, only speak to one of my media outlets that we have bought and paid for. They are instructed to only print what I tell them to so even if you say something, by accident, that might make me look bad, they will correct it.

Now back to the pipeline issue. I must be honest with you. It was purely political and yes I needed to lie a little bit in order to pull the wool over Western Canadian’s eyes. My intent was never to actually build the pipeline but I needed a shiny object to distract the Westerner’s  while I deceptively passed a few other new Bills into law (Bills C-69 and C-48), that will almost surely shut down the entire fossil fuel industry in Western Canada.

Greta I just thought of something. Can I ask you a really stupid question? It may come across as a tiny bit naïve but if you and I achieve our goal of shutting down the entire world’s fossil fuel industry, how will I get back to India for my next vacation? It will take me forever to row my new red canoe that far. You may have seen my new canoe in another one of my recent photo ops where I rolled out another great campaign promise. I call it the National Canoe and Paddle Program. I could have made a grant for education or something but I thought this program would buy me more votes as well as give me a chance to show off my canoeing skills in the photo op in a canoe.  The canoe was supposed to be made of wood, but instead was made from petroleum by-products.  I am having someone removed from my caucus for not listening to me.                           

Definition of Hypocrisy – “the practice of claiming to have morale standards or beliefs to which one’s own behavior does not conform; it involves the deception of others and is thus a kind of lie”.

The upcoming federal election is almost upon us. Are hypocrisy and not being truthful, the two traits you want in your next leader? I should hope not.

Dave Humphreys is an oil and gas professional located in Calgary, Alberta

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