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New research and technologies for oil and gas industry reflect the changing times

Post 1 Web Image Main - Petro Nakutnyy, manager of EOR Process at SRC, presents at the Technology and Innovation Theatre

It’s hard to keep on top of all the changes happening in and around the oil and gas sector.

The Saskatchewan Research Council’s (SRC) Technology and Innovation Theatre at the Global Petroleum Show (GPS) sets the stage for what’s on the minds of industry—how to approach ongoing challenges like enhanced oil recovery and what to do about new ones like methane regulations, among other things.

This is SRC’s sixth year running the theatre at GPS. The presentations this year will focus on some tried-and-true methods and new approaches to tackling industry challenges.

Kelly Knorr, Operations Manager for SRC’s Energy Division says, “It’s a great opportunity for us to bring the research and technology development that we’re doing in the lab to the tradeshow floor and show attendees how it can be applied to the field. It’s also an opportunity for people to ask us questions and hopefully find areas for collaboration.”

SRC is one Canada’s leading research and technology organizations and has been active in relevant technology development and demonstration for over 35 years. They’ve tested many unique approaches, primarily for heavy oil producers seeking the right technology path.

During all three days of the Global Petroleum Show, you can catch experts from SRC’s Energy Division presenting on the latest advancements in research and technologies for the oil and gas industry. Look for the bright blue halo in Halls ABC or follow the floor decals to the theatre, Booth 1212 in Halls ABC.

SRC is offering free registration to the exhibition between now and June 10. Get the discount code.

Post 1 Web Image - SRC technologist Farrell Baird conducting mobile emissions testing

Daily Presentation Schedule

10:30 a.m. Imaging the Very Small – CT Scanner

Learn how industrial CT scanning systems can offer great versatility and advantages in analyzing large or dense materials with high X-ray attenuation, while providing significantly higher spatial and contrast resolution than common medical CT scanners.

11:30 a.m. Bitumen Production – Thermal Additive Selection and Evaluation

In this presentation, SRC will explore the main mechanisms involved in thermal in-situ recovery of bitumen and how targeted research seeks to improve each of these mechanisms to increase efficiency. You’ll also learn how a structured, step-wise evaluation helps advance technologies, such as thermal additives, along the innovation curve from concept to field trials and ultimately, to commercialization.

12:30 p.m. CeDER: Addressing Impacts of Methane Regulations with Technological Solutions

Government energy regulators are demanding substantial greenhouse gas reductions from industry. While CO2 is a major concern, the need to address large methane emissions from the oil and gas sector is intensifying. In this presentation, SRC will discuss how its Centre for the Demonstration of Emissions Reductions (CeDER) platform and expertise in the oil and gas sector provide an essential service.

1:30 p.m. Heavy Oil EOR – Thermal and Cold Methods

In this presentation, SRC will share some new and existing methods to solving the challenges typical for the thin and wormholed heavy oil reservoirs. They will also present thermal and non-thermal EOR methods and how they test and develop these methods for application in the field.

2:30 p.m. Partial Upgrading at SRC: 35 Years of Expertise

Find out how SRC combines research and real-world industrial process development in this presentation. They’ll share their experience and insights into past and present projects, demonstrating how they help clients advance novel partial upgrading technologies.

3:30 p.m. Well Placement and Fracturing Considerations – Viking

This presentation includes new approaches to field and laboratory derived acquisition of simulation input data. New laboratory facilities combined with modified numerical workflows provide a preliminary basis for well placement and hydraulic fracturing.

4:30 p.m. (June 11 and 12 only): Tight Oil EOR – Gaps and Challenges

In this presentation, SRC will take a deeper dive into the challenges associated with tight oil recovery and EOR. They’ll discuss state-of-the-art IOR and EOR techniques, focusing on the gaps and challenges in understanding various mechanisms and processes important for the most popular techniques of improved oil recovery in tight reservoirs, such as waterflooding, gas flooding and chemical flooding.

SRC is offering free registration to the exhibition between now and June 10. Get the discount code.

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