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ORDER YOURS NOW! From Miracle to Menace: Alberta, A Carbon Story – Author, David Yager

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Written by David Yager, Calgary, Alberta

Everyone understands that climate change has been identified as a threat to the world and its inhabitants. The primary cause is said to be fossil fuels. The miracle of the carbon energy sources that powered the Industrial Revolution and helped develop modern civilization—coal, oil and natural gas— are now a menace.

But if the future unfolds as we’re told it must, climate change will result in the greatest economic dislocation in history. The world’s entire energy and industrial complex must be rebuilt, restructured or abandoned. It will cost trillions of dollars and affect billions of people.

Because of fierce and organized opposition to oil sands and pipelines, Alberta has become ground zero for the future of all fossil fuel producing jurisdictions. In the past five years the province has gone from boom to bust. What has happened to Alberta is supposed to happen to all oil and gas producers. The transition away from fossil fuels will be painful, expensive and incredibly disruptive.

Except this is only happening in Alberta. As every other petroleum producing region is still doing whatever it can to keep up with rising demand, internal and external forces have stranded Alberta’s massive oil and gas reserves with devastating economic consequences.

Meanwhile, oil production and exports in the U.S. have reached all-time record levels. World oil output and demand is about to exceed 100 million barrels of oil every day. This is 35% higher than 22 years ago in 1997 when dozens of countries ratified the Kyoto Protocol to slow down fossil fuel growth.

Demand for fossil fuels is forecast to grow for the foreseeable future because of continued global population and economic growth. There are no economically or technically viable alternatives for most energy sources and products derived from fossil fuels.

The brute force and momentum of the world’s 7.4 billion people cannot be changed by made-in-Canada policies on pipelines, climate change or continued development. Alberta’s and Canada’s financial sacrifices alone will not affect the composition of the atmosphere and the future of the climate. Without coordinated international cooperation, Canadians are committing economic suicide with no tangible rewards.

This century, climate change has become a polarizing issue, a black-and-white discussion with no shades of grey. Except it is much more complicated than that. While we all live on same planet, more people increasingly live in a parallel universe where they don’t acknowledge or understand how mankind got this far; a new place where facts don’t matter. Balanced discussions and common sense are two major casualties.

Nowadays almost everyone has an opinion of what the future of Canada’s fossil fuel industries should be. From Miracle to Menace was written to ensure anyone who has something to say has the basic information essential to make an informed decision.

The book tells the whole story from the beginning. How massive carbon resources in Alberta helped build Canada. The politics that have shaped the fossil fuel industry for over 100 years. How climate change became a major geopolitical issue. What the future holds for a province whose major economic engine is supposed to disappear—for our own collective good. And how Albertans can regain control of their own destiny.

For more about the book and to buy a copy go to

About the Author

David Yager BookA resident and native of Calgary, Alberta, David Yager was born into Alberta’s oil and gas industry. An entrepreneur since 1979, he has been a founder, executive and director of three successful TSX-listed oilfield service companies.

David’s journalism career began 40 years ago as co-owner of an oilfield trade magazine. For decades he has been analysing and writing about oil and gas, politics and energy policy. He remains a frequent contributor to trade publications, newspapers, radio and television and has written background papers and policy positions for oil service trade associations since 1991.

In his working career, David has progressed from the remote oilfields to the corner office. As a former oilfield worker and an employer of hundreds more, his perspective has always been bottoms-up; the people not just the products.

In the Preface Yager writes, “Shortly after high school I dropped out of university and worked in the oilfields for years. Like hundreds of thousands of others, I’ve toiled in the middle of night in the middle of winter in the middle of nowhere. In my corporate career I employed hundreds of oilfield workers and because of my personal experience, I relate to them all. This has left me with an indelible soft spot for those who, to paraphrase Robert Service, ‘moil for oil’ to pay their bills and feed their families.

I’ve tried for years to put a face on this business. I’m still trying today.”

E-books available now at

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