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Have Unused Material Assets You Want to Sell and Convert to Cash Flow? Bolongo can help!


There’s a common theme we frequently hear from our members, “Our laydown yards are brimming
with oversupply and its costing us write downs, we just don’t have the personnel to get it to market. Can
you help us?”

Yes, Bolongo can help.

We specialize in marketing excess material, and our members represent a network of nearly 500 buyers and sellers within the oil and gas industry representing over 350 companies across North America and Mexico.

But we aren’t just a marketplace… Bolongo can also provide the personnel to generate cashflow and
mitigate costly write downs. We’ve helped numerous members whose supply chain team didn’t have
the time or expertise to properly market their excess material. Our dedicated crew of material
marketing professionals:

  • Inventory your assets, identifying in-demand material and value-based stages of depreciation
  • Market your assets to vetted industry professionals through our sales team and online platform
  • Procure assets you require at a significant time and cost savings

These Material Marketing and SCMP services are entirely scalable to your needs. No matter the size or
scope, we’re here to help you save time and money. Let us help you.

Contact James Heck, Director Strategic Accounts:
P: 1.888.347.0212 ext. 113

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