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Support the Suspension of Bill C-69 – Download and Send this Letter to Justin Trudeau Composed for You! A Strong Energy Industry Benefits ALL Canadians

The template letter below (download & print below) to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was composed by Candace Nutbrown, a proud Albertan and Production Technologist working in Canada’s oil and gas industry.  Her letter is respectfully asking Prime Minister Justin Trudeau that Bill C-69 be suspended.  If you are are in agreement with her and the letter she composed, you can download the letter below, print it, and send to to Candace at  In February, Candace has been invited to Ottawa to personally deliver the letters she collects.  This is being made easy for you by Candace.  Please add your voice to having Bill C-69 suspended.

You can also download this letter, sign it and email this letter directly to Prime Minister Trudeau at

House of Commons
Ottawa, Ontario
K1A 0A6


Date: __________________


To: Justin Trudeau, PM


I am writing to you today as an Albertan respectfully requesting Bill C-69 to be suspended. The impacts of this legislation will be devastating to not only Alberta but to this Great Country of ours, Canada. Are you taking notice yet?

Every day that our resources are unable to go to market due to a lack of pipeline infrastructure we lose approximately $80,000,000.00 in revenue, this is per day. Alberta & the rest of Canada miss out on the royalties of this revenue & this money cannot be re-invested back into the Canadian Oil & Gas Industry to fund projects that provide us Albertans with job stability & growth. The social safety net that was built upon this industries ability to provide these benefits will diminish & we will all suffer no matter what gender, age & ability, social & economic status we hold. As such, the Energy Sector should be taken seriously & supported appropriately by our Government by making this industry a priority. Processes need to be streamlined & expedited for the benefit of all Canadians. Do we have your attention yet?

The Canadian Oil & Gas Industry leads the world in Ethics, Environmental & Safety Regulations. Not only is it Canada’s #1 export but is also one of Canada’s largest employers. For decades we welcomed workers from across the country with open arms & gave opportunities unavailable to Canadian’s back home. At the same time we contributed generously so those who stayed behind could maintain a high standard of living. We need the rest of Canada including the Government to step up for Alberta like Alberta stepped up for Canada financially, don’t turn your back on the People, Resources and Industry that long supported & helped build our great country.  Are you listening yet?

Albertans are proud blue & white collar workers who pay taxes, who want to work & provide for our families with our own hands, not go on welfare. We give to those in need, we can’t do that from the unemployment line. Don’t make us hold our hands out for the little amount of money in EI benefits. We are STRONG and we are STANDING UP together for our LIVELIHOOD, our FAMILIES and the betterment of our Canada. Now more than ever we need you, Justin Trudeau, to stand up with us. Fight for us Canadians, fight for our Energy Sector, be a leader.


Can you hear us yet?




Print______________________________                     Sign_________________________________

Canadian Oil and Gas Supporter


Download, print, and sign your copy of the letter HERE 



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