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Scott Van Vliet of Environmental Refuelling Systems Inc. Becomes New PSAC Chairman: Read His Message HERE

November 26, 2017

Environmental Refuelling Systems Inc. of Calgary, Alberta is pleased to announce that, Scott Van Vliet, CEO and founder of Environmental Refuelling Systems Inc. has recently become the Petroleum Services Association of Canada’s (PSAC) Chairman of the Board for the 2017-2018 term.

Mr. Van Vliet took the reins from Doug McNeill, Strategic Relations Officer, of Stream-Flo at the PSAC AGM on October 31st and is looking forward to the year ahead.

“My first priority is to uphold the principles of PSAC with honesty and integrity and continue the work of my predecessors in their role as Chairman, says Van Vliet.  During the past year, in particular, it has become very apparent  that PSAC has to continue to change the conversation in Canada about the importance of  all of Canada’s energy resources.  Our energy industry is not only one of the most innovative in the world but we are also one of the most  environmentally conscious nations in the world when it comes to developing our resources.  The importance of the energy industry to Canada’s quality of life, standard of living  and the  social benefits it provides to citizens all across our great nation cannot be ignored.

As Canadians, we also have an obligation to help our fellow human beings and give them the opportunity to live  better lives. We can do that by exporting our resources and sharing our wealth with consuming nations around the world. Canada is also one of the most environmentally friendly countries in the world in developing our resources. For Canada to not have proper access to global markets, only opens the door to countries that are less environmentally responsible to fill the void with their resources.

We also have a resource, that if shipped outside our borders, can help significantly reduce global GHG emissions  and improve the standard of living and quality of live for billions of people in developing nations. Our responsibly developed resources can help solve horrific pollution problems and save lives.

We have to realize that the oil and gas industry is a competitive marketplace and other hydro carbon producing nations are not our friends and continue to work strategically to stop Canada from reaching tidewater with our oil and gas resources. We need to fight back against this invasion of our sovereignty. Our health care systems, education, infrastructure, government services all depend on revenue derived from oil and gas development.

Canada is and always will be a resource based economy. We have an abundance of energy that affords us a high standard of living and an exceptional quality of life. Canada needs more of Canada. Let’s do that by supporting the development of our resources in a responsible manner for the benefit of all Canadian and the entire world.

I welcome your input and comments and look forward to my role as PSAC Chairman in the upcoming year.”

Scott Van Vliet

Chief Executive Officer and Founder

Environmental Refuelling Systems Inc.

Office: 403-206-3986,

Toll free: 877-807-8265,

Cell: 403-807-3706

Fax: 403-536-3842

About Environmental Refuelling Systems Inc.  (ERS)

The ERS Group of Companies specialize in high-demand, on-time fuel management for large, remote projects to multiple industries. Our turn-key business approach takes the headache out of fuel management and our services include fuel procurement, fuel transportation, fuel storage and dispensing, onsite distribution and fuel tracking and management. Our goal is to not only manage the fuel needs for our customers but to help create efficiencies and reduce the total cost of a project through innovation and collaboration with our customers. ERS also offers a suite of services that includes Weights & Measures Certification, tank repairs, lubricants, and project design and set up.

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