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Aerostar Drone Solutions Announces New Air Quality Monitoring and Measurement Services

Aerostar Air Quality Monitoring and Measurement Announcement

Aerostar Drone Solutions is proud to announce a new service to our customers offering Air Quality Monitoring and Measurement.

It is with the usage of UAV’s that we are able to offer more accurate testing and measurement of the air quality around Oil & Gas Facilities, Flare Stack Plume Modelling, and other sites where gas detection is required. Airborne contaminants are measured in real time and samples are taken to ensure that a comprehensive Air Quality review is provided to the customer.

To find out more please visit:

Drone Based Air Quality Monitoring & Measurement

Previously in the past Air Quality Monitoring has been limited to fixed stations on the ground. Whether that be AQ Analyzers, Compact Air Quality Stations, or even mobile truck based stations. While this has served us in the past, some of these forms of monitoring are very expensive and are heavily impacted by reduced mobility; That however, is where drone based air quality measurement shines. ​

By using drones for Air Quality Monitoring & Measurement we can get accurate measurements of hard to access locations, and in turn this allows us to reduce the costs and risks of direct monitoring of those locations. This provides more accurate and informative reporting than indirect estimations of pollution.


  • Measurement of real time air quality

  • Direct access to difficult locations (flare stacks, Landfills, heavily congested areas, Tanks, etc.)

  • Reduced risk of personnel

  • Reduced cost for difficult to access locations

  • Ability to get direct readings for increased accuracy of measurements (e.g. direct sampling of plume from flares)

  • Potential to combine measurements with other resources such as thermal/infrared imagery and gas optical imaging.

  • Plume Mapping and Modeling

Components Measured in Real Time:

  • VOC

  • SO2

  • H2S

  • Methane

  • CO2

  • Particulate Matter @ 1, 2.5 & 10 microns

Samples taken for GC Analysis to measure other constituentsAEROSTAR Drone Solutions Inc

About Aerostar Drone Solutions Inc

Aerostar Drone Solutions Inc. is a new company created to focus on providing inspection services utilizing Industrial Drones.

We are capable of providing aerial photographs, videos and infrared/thermal imaging for our inspections to provide our customers with the information they require to be successful in their day to day operations.  Whether it’s responding to an emergency situation, performing preventative maintenance or just enhancing the current knowledge of their existing assets, we are able to meet those needs in a timely and efficient manner.

It is a proven fact that by utilizing drone technology, customers can significantly reduce the risk to their employees when performing certain tasks that are normally categorized as ‘High Risk’.  In addition, we can assist our customers in their efforts to reduce their operating expenses by achieving the same results by utilizing drones to perform many tasks that are normally completed using more expensive options.  In Europe and the United States many industries, companies, municipalities and governments have experienced these benefits.

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