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Sunshine Oilsands Ltd.: List of Directors and Their Roles and Functions


Date issue: June 29, 2017
Time in: 12:08 PM e


CALGARY, ALBERTA and HONG KONG, CHINA--(Marketwired - June 29, 2017) - The board of directors (the "Board") of Sunshine Oilsands Ltd. (HKSE:2012) comprises 11 directors as follows:


Executive Directors:
Mr. Kwok Ping Sun (Chairman)
Mr. Hong Luo
Mr. Qiping Men
Ms. Gloria Pui Yun Ho

Non-Executive Directors:
Mr. Michael John Hibberd (Vice Chairman)
Ms. LinnaLiu
Ms. Xijuan Jiang

Independent Non-Executive Directors:
Mr. Raymond Shengti Fong
Mr. Jeff Jingfeng Liu
Ms. Joanne Yan
Mr. Yi He


There are four Board committees. The table below provides membership information of these committees on which the Board member serves.



Corporate Board Committee Audit Compensation Governance Reserves Directors Committee Committee Committee Committee ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Kwok Ping Sun C C ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Michael John Hibberd M ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hong Luo ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Qiping Men C ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Gloria Pui Yun Ho ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Linna Liu ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Xijuan Jiang M ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Raymond Shengti Fong M M M M ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Jeff Jingfeng Liu M M ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Joanne Yan C M M ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Yi He M M ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Notes: C = Chairman of the relevant Board committees M = Member of the relevant Board committees


- For identification purposes only

Changes in relation to Canadian Corporate Secretary

The Corporation wishes to announce that as there is no mandatory requirement in Canada to have a Canadian Corporate Secretary, the Corporation has ceased this position effective 29 June 2017. Ms. Ada Chow Man Ngan continues to serve as the Corporation's Company Secretary and Authorized Representative in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong, June 29, 2017

(a corporation incorporated under the Business Corporations Act of the Province of Alberta, Canada with limited liability)

- END RELEASE - 29/06/2017

For further information:
Mr. Hong Luo
Chief Executive Officer
(1) 403-984-1450


INDUSTRY: Energy and Utilities - Oil and Gas
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