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AssetWorks ELD’s Make-It-or-Break-It Moment—Literally!


AssetWorks Field Service Solutions Account Executive, Josh Beaver, recently attended the 2017 New Mexican Trucking Association Annual Convention.

With the Electronic Logging Device (ELD) Mandate deadline fast approaching, of course, ELDs were a hot topic at the convention. The leaders of the New Mexico Highway Patrol were giving a presentation to all attendees on the expectations and concerns during the inspection process at a roadside check for hours of service.

One primary concern was liability regarding if the driver handed the hardware device to the inspector and it had been dropped and broken.

Josh spoke up and said, “It is vital to have a reliable and rugged mobile computer that can take a fall, and work just fine.”

In response, one of the presenters asked Josh if he was willing to drop an AssetWorks ELD in front of the whole crowd. Josh said, “Of course! We provide market-leading durability hardware products.”

A make it or break it moment – literally – Josh stood up in front of the crowd, and dropped the AssetWorks ELD from 6 feet (he’s a tall man) onto the floor.

The crowd, including other ELD providers, were stunned. Silence fell over the crowd as they watched him pick it back up and demonstrate that it continued to work perfectly—it even stayed on the same screen it was on before the fall! The room erupted in cheers.

At the convention, four other ELD providers were asked to drop their devices, but they all refused, except for Josh. Josh was the only one to demonstrate that AssetWorks ELD is truly a rugged product—solidly made and capable of withstanding rough handling.

To learn more about the durable AssetWorks ELD devices, request a demo.

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