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FREE to Attend: Low Carbon Innovation Forum – Global Petroleum Show 2017 – See Details HERE

The petroleum industry faces one of its greatest challenges as the world moves towards a low carbon economy and the global social licence to produce hydrocarbons becomes more complex by each passing day. 

The energy producers are in a constant in a state of evolution, and investing in new technologies to produce more hydrocarbons, lower costs, and better protect the environment is not new for them.  For nearly fifty years Global Petroleum Show has been the meeting place for industry to find innovations and solutions to their challenges.  Finding a meaning solution to carbon management at Global Petroleum Show was first addressed with the introduction of the first Low Carbon Innovation Forum held in 2016. 

Now in its second year, organizers are again addressing this growing trend with the second annual Low Carbon Innovation Forum with massive expectations for growth in 2017.

‘‘Last year was the first year and we were really happy with the attendance. We had standing room only crowds for some of the sessions, especially the methane session. So, we’re anticipating I would think more people this year because word would have gone out. The issues have not gone away. If anything, we’re seeing more development in terms of policy and regulation,’’ says Ruth Klinkhammer, of CMC Research Institutes and a lead organizer of the Forum.

Staying the course and keeping business as usual is not an option for the oil and gas industry. The Low Carbon Innovation Forum explores ways the petroleum sector to navigate the challenges ahead and find opportunities for development and growth. On the afternoons of June 13 and June 14, on site at Global Petroleum Show, the Forum examines ways to accelerate technological innovation, reduce risk and increase the successful commercialization of innovative technologies.

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Experts will focus on new business models that can help ensure success in a marketplace where investors are risk adverse. And the Forum will even probe the unimaginable – what the oil and gas sector may look like when hydrocarbons are no longer used as fuels.

‘‘Globally we’re heading towards a low carbon world and we want to expose to people attending the Global Petroleum Show ideas about this changing world. We’re transitioning away from a reliance on fossil energy and so the focus is kind of on what the impact is going to be on the oil and gas sector. We’re looking at international perspectives. We’re highlighting new technology development. Directions in policy and business. All the impacts that this change is going to have on the industry. It’s the aim of kind of guiding people and demonstrating that there are benefits that will spin out of it and how can they take advantage of those benefits,’’ says Klinkhammer.

Topics for the Low Carbon Innovation Forum already include – Need for Speed: Accelerating the Innovation Cycle Time; Risky Business: New Models for Clean Tech Developers: Brave New World: The Future of the Oil and Gas Industry in a Low Carbon Economy; and Mission Possible: Challenges and Advances in Methane Detection and Management.

Klinkhammer is also hoping to attract speakers from the U.S. so they can comment on what the current atmosphere is in the USA given recent announcements and policy changes and what it may mean for the industry in Canada and policies surrounding methane and GHG emissions.

‘‘It’s going to have an impact on industry so people are curious about it. Especially this year we’re talking about new business models for clean tech developers and start-ups because a lot of the clean tech and low carbon technologies are seen by traditional investment firms as high risk. So, we’re talking about alternative ways that people can find funding and alternative business models to ensure success in this kind of new era,’’ says Klinkhammer.

The Low Carbon Innovation Forum is FREE to attend with your registration to Global Petroleum Show and seating will be available on a first-come-first-served basis (so please arrive early).  Register today at 

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