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New Industrial IoT Technology Brings Advanced Intelligence to Electric Motor Powered Oil Wells – Ambyint

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Ambyint’s new ‘ambyControl for EPM’ product enables remote well control and big data-powered well performance analysis via any mobile device.

CALGARY, CANADA – Ambyint, a technology firm specializing in Industrial IoT solutions that utilize big data to create intelligent, high-functioning oil wells, today launched ambyControl for EPM (Electric Prime Mover).

Once self-installed, the proprietary ambyControl for EPM device instantly links any electric motor operated oil well to the ambyint platform where, through leveraging ambyint’s sophisticated algorithms, well managers are provided with detailed, real-time, well analysis along with operational recommendations to ensure each well is running at optimal performance. Well managers are also given them the ability to remotely control each of their well assets directly via the ambyint mobile and web app.

“Within the global oil producing industry, literally millions of dollars is spent every week on preemptive well monitoring i.e. sending technicians to remote sites to check wells for operational faults.” said Nav Dhunay, ambyint President & CEO. “Through leveraging sophisticated technology to connect these machines and effectively make them ‘smart’, our ambyControl device is able to entirely change this model, putting detailed, real-time well performance data and remote well control, directly in the palm of every operator’s hand. Using our technology, operators are able to monitor their wells 24/7 and receive instant alerts of any faults or interruption to onsite operations which they can react to quickly, and from wherever they are.”

ambyControl for EPM features include:

  • Remote start/stop of electric powered pumpjack
  • Access, via mobile or web app, to real-time torque information, including trends
  • Access, via mobile or web app, to insights into the ontime performance of individual wells
  • Instant notifications, direct to mobile and web app, of any abnormal pump activity or shut downs
  • Instant torque violation alerts to help avoid costly workovers

Developed by several of the foremost figures in oil well optimization, ambyint’s ambyControl product portfolio represents one of the very first commercial solutions to the market which brings the IoT connected devices and sophisticated machine intelligence to the oil patch.

Ambyint’s ambyControl for EPM device is now available for preorder with deliveries being scheduled for the end of the June, 2016.


About ambyint Inc.

Ambyint, established in 2015, has one of the first commercial solutions available which brings the Internet of Things (IoT), sophisticated big data analytics and machine intelligence to the oil patch. The proprietary platform combines and leverages the latest innovations in lightweight sensors, wireless communications and predictive data analytics, and enables oil producers to autonomously optimize their well assets, increasing production and efficiency, while reducing costs both operational and maintenance and ultimately, achieving higher profitability.

For interviews and/or further information please contact:

Josh Stanbury | [email protected] | Tel. 416-628-7441

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