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Precision Well Servicing
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Well Data Legend

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Current Status
DOWN – Down
DRILL – Drilling
EVAL – Evaluating
LOC – Location
LOG – Logging
MIR – Moving In Rig
RIGUP – Rigging Up
RCSG – Running Case
SSC – Set Surface Casing
STAND – Standing
STC – Standing Cased
STT – Standing Tight
TEST – Testing
TIGHT – Tight Hole Status
TSUSP – Temporarily Suspended
WOW – Waiting on Weather
Final Status
BIT – Bitumen
CAN – Cancelled
CBM – Coalbed Methane Well
DRY – Dry Well
GAS – Gas Well
GO – Gas and Oilwell
J&A – Junked & Abandoned
O&G – Oil And Gas Well
OBS – Observation Well
OIL – Oilwell
PCBM – Potential Coalbed Methane Well
PGAS – Potential Gas Well
PGO – Potential Gas and Oilwell
POIL – Potential Oil Well
PO&G – Potential Oil & Gas Well
SUSP – Suspended Well
SVC – Service Well
DEV – Development Well
DPT – Deeper Pool Test
DPW – Deeper Pool Wildcat
DSW – Development Service Well
EV – Evaluation Well
EX- Experimental Well
EXP – Exploratory Well
NFW – New Field Wildcat
NPW – New Pool Wildcat
OTH – Other Well
OUT – Outpost
OV – Evaluation Oilsands Well
REN – Re-Entry Well
STR – Stratagraphic Well
TH – Test Hole
Well Type
H – Horizontal Well
D – Directional Well
DRIFT – Drift Well
R – Regular (vertical) Well
Well Objectives
BIT – Bitumen
BRN – Brine
CBM – Coalbed Methane
GAS – Gas
NON – No Objective
OG – Oil and Gas
OIL – Oil
SVC – Service
WST – Waste
WTR – Water

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