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Keeping it Hot (or Not): Monitoring Thermal Facilities Utilizing Thermal Camera Applications

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Facilities that utilize high-pressure steam to assist in the production of oil have a unique monitoring situation that HSI Security can assist with. At these thermal facilities it is vital to monitor the temperature of equipment and lines to watch for developing hot spots prior to them resulting in catastrophic failures.

Thermal camera solutions fill this need perfectly. These are special cameras that instead of recording an image, look for heat signatures and create an image from them. Those images can then be monitored to look for hot spots that result in fail points – which allows operators to be more efficient with maintenance and prevent potential failures.

The feed from HSI Security’s thermal camera application can be feed directly to an operator’s mobile device, or alternatively can be sent to the control room to be added to the monitoring area there. Either way, all that is required is the thermal cameras themselves, and a network to broadcast the feed. The benefit is having access to that live view from remote locations to multiple users and devices. This is especially important for facilities or locations that are remote.

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HSI takes pride in providing intelligent solutions designed for the specific need and installed by HSI’s skilled technicians. Additionally, the equipment is owned by the client and can be moved wherever it is required.

HSI’s thermal cameras are rated for general locations with an explosion-proof option available. Entry level cameras have a plus-or-minus eight-degree Celsius range of accuracy, with some of the higher quality cameras narrowing that to a plus-or-minus two-degree Celsius range. There are multiple colour palettes to select from, and alerts can be configured to send alerts on location specific and temperature specific triggers.

Want to learn more about HSI Security’s line of facility-ready monitoring solutions? Give us a call at our office at (306) 825-6310 to set up a site visit and get a design started. Or head to for more information.

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