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Innovative Technology to Reduce Berm erosion & Tank Base Corrosion – Learn More Here

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Precidium ECS Technology

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The companies involved in the Suncor Fort Hills Tank Skirt Systems project included Secure Energy Services, Suncor, and WEC.

Tank Skirt Purposes

There are 2 major purposes behind a tank skirt – Erosion Control and Corrosion Control.

  • Erosion Control

Varying climates like rain & melting snow have a drastic effect on Tank Skirts. These climates can carry various earthen materials including dirt, minerals, and rocks from the slopes down to the bottom of the tanks and ultimately resulting in a compromised foundation. When analyzing the effects of erosion on these tanks we see that the foundation stability suffers, therefore also compromising the longevity of these tanks.

The Precidium ECS technology works to prevent this erosion from occurring. By creating an impermeable barrier between the bottom of the tank and the earthen elements that are carried through the tank, erosion is controlled and prevented.

  • Corrosion Control

While erosion control is a concern, corrosion control is also a serious problem with these tanks that the ECS works to prevent.

Tank corrosion tends to occur at the bottom or the base of the tanks, once again due to the earthen materials that travel through to the bottom of the tank. ECS works to eliminate these paths that flow from the top of the tank, all the way to under the tank to minimize the amount of fluid build up and corrosion at the bottom of the tank.

Installation Process

Over this two-week period, WEC had the opportunity to install the 40 mil ECS Tank Skirts on five tanks at the Suncor Fort Hills Facility.

At a total coverage of 79,578 ft squared, and an average radius of 15ft from the base of the tank. The ECS is permanently installed to the base of the Suncor tanks and is sealed to all and any substrates, including steel tank bases and the concrete spillways.

Using WEC’s robotic application pre-spray systems, the entire 40 mil liner was developed and prefabricated offsite, and permanently installed onsite with the Precidium ECS Fusion process.

For more information on WEC’s containment liners click here.

The Ultimate Customer Experience

Suncor worked with our team at WEC to install the Precidium ECS Tank Skirt in order to minimize Berm Erosion and Tank Base Corrosion.

WEC is an industry leader in innovative technologies that prevent tank erosion and corrosion and increase longevity of equipment. The exceptional 15-year warranty provides long-term worry free maintenance. Our team of devoted leaders is ready to assist you with your ECS installation or any inquiries you may have.

For more information about this project or any questions you may have, contact WEC at 1-780-986-9599 or visit us at

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