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Preventing Pipeline, Choke, and Regulator Failure at Natural Gas Facilities with Monitoring and Preventative Maintenance

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A major concern at natural gas facilities is failures on natural gas pipelines, chokes, and regulators. HSI Security and HSI Group can help monitor for, and prevent, these failures.

A pipeline failure is when the integrity of the line has been compromised, and we find that these types of failures are more common on high pressure systems and in higher H2S fields. In the end, the most common cause of pipeline failures is due to a lack of inspection and a lack of maintenance. Meanwhile, choke and regulator failure are usually due to the valve position causing a washing effect on the materials internally – or the internal materials not meeting the specifications of the gas composition.

At HSI, we recommend regular inspection and maintenance as preventative work to ensure safety and efficiencies of your Natural Gas facility. HSI Security’s robust monitoring solutions enable earlier leak detection and thermal imaging to locate hot spots. HSI Group’s team of skill technicians can help with the critical preventative maintenance to prevent failures.

As an added bonus, a detailed maintenance and inspection program not only reduces pipeline failures, it also lowers operation costs and increases production. Overall, this makes the operator’s job more centralized around operating, improves sales, and reduces down-time. In the end, this creates more efficiencies, improves safety, and keeps their attention more focalized.

HSI strives for accurate and detailed inspection reports and thorough maintenance testing. Combined with our ability to identify and resolve findings on site, this makes us the perfect choice for Natural Gas Facility monitoring solutions as well as preventative maintenance programs.

Our combination of teamwork and continual communication allows us to find permanent and effective solutions for our clients. Plus our ability to resolve client’s problems from multiple angles gives clients a better detailed rectification. Communication both during and after work completion with our field staff ensures all angles have been examined, and that the best solution has been provided for our client.

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When you choose HSI for your inspections and maintenance you have industry experts “on your team”. Our strong technical and logistics group, communicating needs and services to help reduce your costs, improve your safety, and improve optimization by implementing a maintenance and inspection program. Our field crews are knowledgeable, experienced and can anticipate needs, processes and understand what actions are needed to move forward with improvements.

Want to learn more about HSI Security’s line of facility-ready monitoring solutions or HSI Group’s robust preventative maintenance capabilities? Head to

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