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LeadiD from EnergyNow – Getting the Most from Your LeadiD Report

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Getting the Most from Your LeadiD Report

Your LeadiD Report helps you to gain valuable insight into who is viewing your published content on EnergyNow, allowing your sales personnel to quickly identify potential prospects that could be turned into sales opportunities. This proprietary software from EnergyNow not only helps strengthen your sales pipeline with qualified sales leads, but also allows your sales personnel access to decision-makers and buyers more quickly, saving time and money.


The path to up to 10x More Qualified Leads starts with your LeadiD Report.  Approximately 1-2 weeks after your content is published on EnergyNow, you will receive your LeadiD Report on that particular piece of content.  Your LeadiD Report will provide your company with content  analytics (views/clicks & average time) and available visitor contact details from EnergyNow‘s extensive Hubspot database,  supplied in a time-sensitive report delivered to your key sales manager or leader. It should be noted that EnergyNow‘s database is growing by 1,000-2,000 new contacts each month so your published content will continue to be seen by potential new prospects.

NOTE: The number of pre-qualified leads per report will depend on the content piece and the interest it generates.  Qualified leads per report can vary from less than 50 to several hundred, depending on the content.  This does not mean one report with less qualified leads is any less valuable than a report with more leads.  The report with less leads can contain more sales “gems” than a report with more leads.

  LeadiD Report (Summary)



Upon receipt of each LeadiD Report please do the following:

  • Review the report to eliminate visitors that would not be considered prospects (internal staff etc.)
  • Review the remaining visitors for potential prospects
  • Have identified prospects entered into your company’s CRM system
  • Begin the sales process of contacting those prospects that are new or you have previously identified but not contacted for a while
  • The best contact methods would be a casual connection through Linkedin, an email or even a phone call to the prospect’s company.
  • If the contact’s email from the LeadiD Report you have appears to be a personal one, we suggest you contact the person through Linkedin or obtain a business email.
  • WE STRONLY RECOMMEND YOU DO NOT MENTION YOU GOT THEIR INFORMATION FROM THE LEADiD REPORT. Prospect information is  available from a number of different sources if you dig around for it.  Your LeadiD report is a valuable tool in speeding up that process but does not have to be identified as the source.

Please remember that a potential prospect that is identified in your LeadiD Report may not be ready to buy right now but could be an excellent new customer in the future.  By looking at their title from the report or their Linkedin profile, you will be able to determine if they are a decision maker or even a ‘key influencer” that can put you in contact with the right person.

Questions about your LeadiD report?
Do you require an excel spreadsheet of your report?

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