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Benefits of Multiple Location PTZ on Heavy Oil Facilities

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Heavy oil facilities, like those found across Western Canada, can be configured in a wide variety of ways – making it more challenging to create surveillance solutions for those locations. Whether it is a single well site, a multiple well pad, or a gathering and treating site for heavy oil – it is crucial to come up with a security and monitoring solution that can provide maximum coverage.

HSI Security’s answer is the installation of multiple-location PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom) cameras on the site. On a multiple well pad location, our PTZ system will provide the operator with the ability to get a visual of a larger area. Although the camera housing is attached in a fixed position, the camera itself can turn 360 degrees in all directions. The camera can be programmed to monitor specific locations for a period of time or can utilize AI to monitor for specific changes such as movement, scenery, or temperature (with thermal imaging).

Customizable instrumentation and devices allow operators to control and view the camera from either a PC or a mobile device. With customization of instrumentation, the operator can also use the connection to trigger other controls as well.

Our crew can set up a multiple location PTZ on site with the following equipment requirements:

  • tower or tall building in a centralized location – or a location with the best vantage point,
  • power source (12v, 24v, 120v, Solar, or TEG),
  • location to situate the digital video recorder, and
  • internet connection of 4MB/sec down and 2MB/sec up (or better).

Our clients love our simple operating system, automated notifications, night vision, sound capability on some models, thermal imaging, high-definition video, and 10 to 15 days minimum data storage – which can be upgraded to 60+ days. With HSI monitoring capabilities, our monitoring software requires no monthly monitoring fee. With built in AI, programmable triggers and a variety of camera options, the operator has total control for maximizing safety, security and environmental protection. Plus we offer 5-year warranty on all Hikvision cameras and recorders.

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Our cameras and recorders have many features and specs that beat our competition.

  • 2mp to 4k video,
  • Min IP66 (outdoor water resistant),
  • -30 minimum,
  • -40 tested and proven,
  • can run on 12vdc; 24vdc; 120vac; 480vac; solar; and TEG power supply,
  • microphone options,
  • speaker output options,
  • thermal imaging (+/-6C to 0.5C)
  • can be tied into digital outputs, such as notification on well shutdown, on pump jacks, or a gate opening.

Our solutions can make the lives of operators easier and more productive. Lowering operating costs – saving them time and money, and allowing them the opportunity to check more wells without all the mileage. Improving site security with automated notifications, recorded video, on sites multiple times a day, less windshield/drive time, recorded video history, notifications if something goes wrong (leaks, theft, etc.), ability to verify time vendors spend on site, and the ability to check by exception, you will have 24 hour access to the site.

Want to learn more about HSI Security’s line of facility-ready monitoring solutions? Head to

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