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Bulk Storage Tank Aprons To Prevent Soil Erosion – Halo Environmental

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Have you noticed how large storage tanks built up on gravel tank pads will eventually have water erosion and mitigation issues from rain cascading off the tops of these tanks and targeting the apron below?

Bulk Storage Tank Aprons To Prevent Soil Erosion – Halo Environmental 1

Water Mitigation Problem

The industry standard has been to coat the aprons with sprayed in asphalt to seal the area around the tanks. These asphalt top coats are not resistant to water and are susceptible to freeze—thaw cycles that allow water to soak into the surface and break down the asphalt by creating small channels that allow more and more water to penetrate. Eventually resulting in large scale problems. Soil erosion, tank base destabilization, and in the worst case scenarios if water is allowed to pool under the tank it will cause corrosion issues on the bottom of the tanks which lead to expensive repair options.

The Solution

A Polyurethane Spray Applied Membrane that attaches directly to the annular ring or base plate of the storage tanks and is extended out from the tank and anchored into a key trench.

Bulk Storage Tank Aprons To Prevent Soil Erosion – Halo Environmental 2

This type of liner is impermeable to moisture and will not allow water to soak in and penetrate through the top layer. This prevents freeze-thaw cycles from deteriorating the membrane, and thus keeps the tank bases stable and intact.  It also eliminates the issue of water cascading from the top of the tank and penetrating through the liner as it is elastomeric compared to the rigid asphalt methods.

Bulk Storage Tank Aprons To Prevent Soil Erosion – Halo Environmental 3

The Result

Now that the area directly around and below the tank have been sealed off from water damage causing soil erosion and metal corrosion, rain water is allowed to free flow off the tank roofs, hitting the new tank aprons, and allowed to run into the drainage ditches as was intended by design.

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