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How to Market your Energy Services Company Like You Mean It – William Joseph

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Everyone who has something to sell in the energy industry space, be it a product, service, idea or anything else, knows that in order to do it successfully (i.e. make a profit) you have to do three things: 1) Engage your customers’ attention, 2) Create excitement and interest in what your selling, and 3) Win and retain loyal fans of your brand. The “what to do” aspect of marketing is pretty much understood by everyone in business; it’s the “how to do it” side of things that tends to trip most people up.

Let’s face it – the marketing world in general is a constant cacophony of messages all doing their best to grab and keep your attention. We are bombarded by marketing messages all day, every day, whether we’re aware of it or not. And that’s really the key thing here: there is so much marketing “noise” out there today that most of us have become really good at tuning a lot of it out. We simply don’t pay attention to every message that comes at us because we don’t have the time or even the capacity to take them all in.

So how can you make sure your marketing gets noticed? The answer basically boils down to three things:

  1. Be Remarkable. First and foremost, it’s not your marketing that needs to stand out from the crowd as much as what you’re offering does. Renowned global marketing guru, Seth Godin, calls this principle the Purple Cow Theory. In a 2005 TED talk, Godin explains that nobody driving down a country road would pull over to look at an average everyday run-of-the-mill cow. But if that cow was a brilliant shade of purple, you just might be compelled to stop and investigate. To get noticed, what you’re offering has got to stand out; it’s got to be uniquely remarkable – or in other words, worth making a remark about. Be fresh and innovative with your product, service or idea and the chances of you getting buzz worthy attention multiply exponentially.
  2. Hone-in on Who wants to Hear What You have to Say. The long and the short of this simple marketing truth is that no matter how hard you try to sell bubble gum to babies, it ain’t going to fly. You’ve got to find a platform to market on that has customers or prospects who actually care about and want whatever it is your selling. It’s got to have meaning and value to them, or they simply won’t buy it. You’re far better off marketing to a very focused group of people who are interested in your offering than blasting out your message en-masse, because when you know who your target market is, you can fine tune your message and speak to them in ways that truly resonate.
  3. Tell a Clear and Compelling Story. Once you define who you’re talking to, the next thing to do is devise a message that matters. The most memorable (and subsequently, successful) brands in the world all communicate a story that reaches their target audience on an emotional level. Your story should appeal to something your target market aspires to be or do. When it does, you reach customers on a deeply personal level, which in turn connects them to your brand in way that compels them to buy from you.

Need help figuring out how to be remarkable, hone-in on the right market and create a story that sells? No problem. We’re experts at it. Give us a call and we’ll get you marketing like you mean it.

About WJ – William Joseph Communications

As a recognized leader in the marketing industry, William Joseph is a full-service agency that empowers businesses of all sizes to achieve bold performance targets. Our work is grounded in research and strategy, which not only serves to connect clients with their ideal target audience, but compels that audience to act. After years of direct experience serving the energy sector, we know for certain that marketing in the oil and gas industry isn’t optional, it’s essential.


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