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THE INNOVATORS: Shovel Ready – Sunexo Leverages the Power of Technology to Better Manage Stakeholder Relations – Presented by GridStone

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A man is walking his dog and comes across some heavy equipment working along his favourite route. He’s surprised, takes note of the company name and sends an email, asking what’s going on.

Nobody gets back to him.

A month later, the company holds an open house. But, by then, the man and his neighbours already don’t like the development.

In stakeholder relations, small things make a difference. One offended citizen, who happens to have the time and motivation to tell everyone he knows how inconsiderate a company is making noise down the road translates into lost good will or worse.

With consequences such as project delays, litigation and civil strife, managing non-technical project development risks today is just as important as managing technical risks. Organizations need to bring the power of technology to stakeholder engagement.

“We have a scalable solution that fits projects of all sizes. In fact, we offer a free trial to help de-risk adoption for projects that you’re working on right now,” says Chad Ford, president of Sunexo Solutions.

Founded in 2012, Sunexo provides a cloud-based stakeholder management system that incorporates years of best practices drawn from working with premier clients such as Kinder Morgan, Encana, Imperial Oil and organizations in sectors outside of oil and gas.

Sunexo improves upon the typical generic (spreadsheets, Sharepoint, etc.) and top down software requiring customization that organizations adapt to manage stakeholder engagement data.

“We bring a ready-to-go solution for immediately capturing stakeholder information,” Ford says. “Its automated features save time, and it provides capabilities that ultimately allow you to make better decisions so that projects can get approved and get shovels in the ground in a timely manner.

Tracey Murray is Sales & Marketing Director of GridStone, a business growth firm focused on revenue generation for innovative companies.

GridStone was created because we believe that technology and innovation challenge the status quo leading to technical breakthroughs and impactful ideas that change the world around us.

As a business growth firm focused on revenue generation, we look for ways to increase the money your business is making while staying true to your innovative focus and direction. Our goal is to help you grow your business in a way that is sustainable and that ultimately differentiates your business from your competitors over the long term.

We focus on business growth based on our 5 pillars: Business Planning, Sales, Marketing, Intellectual Property and Human Resources.

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