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Intelligent visual monitoring solution cuts oil well site visits by 50% – Osprey Informatics

Customer cuts routine well site visits by 50% while enhancing operator productivity and improving incident response.


Oil and Gas


Major integrated oil and gas company


Remote well site area monitoring

“Osprey Reach is an efficient and reliable way to to remotely monitor well sites. The return on investment is clear.”

Senior Production Foreman


A major integrated oil and gas company seeks to make its oil production operations more efficient in the face of depressed commodity prices. The company was already using the Osprey Reach intelligent visual monitoring system at several sites and facilities for operations monitoring and security, and worked collaboratively with Osprey to identify new applications to lower operational costs and improve productivity.


Working directly with the Senior Production Foreman for an operating area in Western Canada, Osprey developed a business case for replacing routine oil well site visits with online visual site inspections via Osprey Reach. Upon approval of the business case, Osprey worked with the customer to design an initial roll-out with the following objectives:

  • Operations: Validate that the Osprey Reach visual monitoring platform could be used to significantly reduce routine site visits, and that personnel will use the system to prioritize work activity.
  • Technology: Prove that Osprey Reach provides an efficient, user- friendly way to inspect sites online, and that the system can be reliably deployed at distributed, remote sites with low bandwidth and challenging environmental conditions.

Osprey initially deployed Osprey Reach to a select number of high- priority well sites. Users were able to view on-demand live images of the pumpjack stuffing box area and rod for all sites, and live video to show rod cadence. Osprey also deployed at a remote tank battery, enabling operators to read tank levels and view the containment area.


Once deployment and user familiarization phases were completed, operators were required to use Osprey Reach at the start and end of each shift, and use the results of these quick online site inspections to plan their work. The Osprey Reach solution has proven to be effective and reliable for well site monitoring, with a strong return on investment.



  • Operators are able to reduce routine site visits by 50% through the use of Osprey Reach for online site inspections.
  • The customer’s average loaded cost for an in-person well site inspection: $20 (industry average $20-$57). Labor cost for an online well site inspection through Osprey Reach: $1.
  • Customer expects to also reduce overtime call-outs by 50%.
  • Based on achieving the efficiencies above, the expected payback period for the system is 4 months once fully deployed.
  • Operators are able to prioritize maintenance and repair work with Osprey Reach. For example, a stuffing box leak was discovered through Osprey Reach and the operator prioritized this site for servicing.
  • Operators are able to easily access and use Osprey Reach with minimal training, resulting in rapid user adoption
  • After three months of using the system, the Senior Production Foreman chose to more than double the size of his Osprey Reach deployment, opting to include the capability for on-demand images and video. Osprey is working with the customer for new Osprey Reach deployments across additional operating areas.


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