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Feature Article: Providing Premium Products and Quality Service – Zirco

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The world of oil and gas is one built on business and professional respect. Agreements are signed and honoured; negotiations are hammered out and upheld; goods and services change hands back and forth; business relationships are forged and ended regularly. You don’t normally enter into conversations with another company expecting to form a real connection and establish a long-term, trusting partnership – unless you’re dealing with ZIRCO Ltd. (‘ZIRCO’), an instrumentation and environmental equipment supplier looking to shake up the way business is done within the industry, and provide a premium level of products and support that is informed not by the bottom line on an accounting ledger, but by the success and accomplishments of those they partner with.

Shairole Henchall and Malcolm Albery founded ZIRCO in Calgary, AB in 1983, and are still actively involved in the company, ensuring that the original vision and goals are always taken into consideration during each and every day of business. “We scour the world to find best-in-class products to meet Canadian needs. We strive to find high-quality solutions in areas that are perhaps underserved for our customers here in Canada,” Henchall informed us. “What sets us apart is the service we offer our customers. We make sure we provide the right solutions for them, based on the needs of their business.” In addition to their main office in Calgary, ZIRCO also maintains a branch office in Mississauga to head up their Eastern Canadian operations.

“Our reputation in the community is really high-quality service, and personal interaction,” Henchall told us. “Being a nimble company, these things come a bit easier to us, and really set us apart. When you’re dealing with ZIRCO, you’re dealing with people who truly care about bringing your company or project to a higher level.” ZIRCO, an attractive alternative for many businesses within the industry who may be looking for a more of a personal touch to some of the bigger companies and organizations out there.

On top of providing a first-class level of service, ZIRCO also prides itself on the products it offers its clients. “We’re trying to provide high-quality, reliable solutions,” Henchall explains. “Product quality and the commitment to that quality is something that customers come to us for. Customers know that when they work with ZIRCO, they’re getting a product and a service that meets an incredibly high standard.” One only needs to take a look at ZIRCO’s line of products to know that this is a company that deals in premium, top-of-the-line goods. The perfect example of this is their critical service valves, designed to stand up to high pressure process with particulates and high frequency cycling which can be tough on conventional valves; or their measurement solutions, which use fluorescence and absorbance to isolate those compounds that require measuring, and remove those that might get in the way; or, their tank-venting systems, which regulate pressure and vacuum of tanks, and have been ZIRCO’s foundational offering since the company was founded over 30 years ago.

Beyond the wide variety of exceptional products and services on offer, it’s also abundantly clear when looking both at where ZIRCO has been and where it is heading that this is a company that isn’t content to rest on its laurels – everyone is constantly striving toward the next breakthrough or big advancement. Some recent leaps and bounds ZIRCO has headed up include their new Chromatic valve technology, which features a stationary fixed core, reliable mechanical wedge seal, and a quarter turn operation; the ground breaking Atmos Pipeline Leak Detection System, able to detect both onset and existing leaks; and their unique custom sensor equipment, bringing lab accuracy into the field – truly, a diverse showcase of forward-thinking and innovation!

ZIRCO embodies a dedication to service and accountability that is all too rare within the industry. They really do care about the success of their clients, and are always ready to go that extra mile to help them find it. “ZIRCO is a trusted partner, not just a product provider,” Ryan Sperling, Manager – Business Development, says with pride. “We want to make sure we’re a vital cog in a client’s product decision, adding value and providing a positive, helpful influence.”

If you’d like more information about ZIRCO or have specific inquiries as to how ZIRCO can help find a solution for your product or service needs, please reach out to Ryan Sperling at 403-259-3303 or

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