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Quantum Completes Another Project Further Proving its MonsterVak Well Cleanout System

Posted On January 30th
By : EnergyNow Media
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Quantum Downhole Systems Inc.

The operator of a Cold Heavy Oil Production with Sand (CHOPS) field in Northeastern Alberta contracted Quantum to clean six horizontal wells to improve Artificial Lift System (ALS) run life and to enhance production of each of the wells.  Below is a table which shows the extremely difficult well conditions in this field, one of which is the very low bottomhole pressure in relation to the true vertical depth of the producing formation. This condition makes it nearly impossible for other well cleanout methods to improve the two key aspects the client wanted to achieve. The MonsterVak easily and consistently cleaned these wells; the jobs were on time and on budget.

Quantum - MonsterVak Cleanout System V2

The average sand recovered in relation to the liner volume was ~37%. Other important reservoir characteristics were also captured during these operations since the MonsterVak system is fluid underbalanced (BHA lifting volume more than the fluid jetting volume). This allows Quantum to log reservoir inflow data during the job while gathering bottomhole pressure and temperatures. Quantum also successfully integrated second by second surface sand monitoring technology into this last project. The client has used this data to make clear, concise high impact decisions that affect the long term economics of the field. The production of these wells has increased by 30% to 80%. These and previous wells cleaned by Quantum in this field continue to outperform the type curve of comparable wells, and future projects are being designed.

Through 2015, Quantum introduced the fully redesigned JetVak system by significantly increasing the size of the Dual Coiled Tubing to 73.0mm O.D, the venturi components and the BHA to 79mm O.D. This includes improved longevity, lifting efficiency and jetting options. We now call this larger system the MonsterVak.

About Quantum Downhole Systems

Quantum is a data driven company and continues to provide leading edge well enhancement technologies for today’s complex wellbores. Our technology includes Dual Coiled Tubing (DCT), Patented Dual Coil Milling system (DCMS), JetVak and Q-Vak. The DCMS was specifically designed to improve casedhole milling operations. The patented JetVak™ well cleanout system combines DCT and a specifically engineered jet pump to ensure positive circulation on each and every well it is deployed into. Quantum’s patented Q-Vak system also utilizes DCT or Concentric Coiled Tubing (CCT) to dynamically evaluate production and characterize reservoir inflow properties. The Q-Vak can be coupled with resettable, straddle, inflate packers to isolate target intervals for evaluation.

Quantum Downhole Contact:  

Steven Winkler
President & General Manager
403.450.8280 (Calgary)


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