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Majority of First Nations Support Northern Gateway – Canada Action

Posted On April 18th
By : EnergyNow Media
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Canada Action

A strong majority of First Nations in Canada are open minded to pipeline and petroleum development.

The “no-everything” message from well funded protest groups is not representative of the majority.

Here are a couple quotes from this MUST READ article about Northern Gateway.

“Most aboriginal communities in northern British Columbia impacted by the Northern Gateway pipeline supported the $7.9 billion project and are angry Prime Minister Justin Trudeau rejected it, say representatives of three of the bands.”

“More than 30 of the 42 bands on the Alberta-to-West Coast pipeline’s right-of-way were looking forward to sharing in the construction and long-term benefits.”

 Link to article:

Take Action Now:

1) Forward this email to a couple co-workers and friends right now.
2) Post this article on your LinkedIn or Facebook.
3) Buy a t-shirt, email your MLA and MP and be vocal in your respectful support! 

P.S. Remember, celebrities and employees of special interest groups pretend to represent and speak for all First Nations, but their message of doom and apocalypse is not representative of the majority. Thats why now more than ever your voice is so important. Together we can make sure our country is having an informed, balanced conversation about the importance of our natural resources and the need to get our oil and gas to global markets.

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