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Product Update: Now Interface with Existing MODBUS Devices – AFTI Watchdog

Posted On September 13th
By : EnergyNow Media
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Pump Off Controllers, Variable Frequency Drives, and Burner Management Systems

WatchDog3 MODBUS Communication

WatchDog3 now has the capability to interface with existing devices that communicate via MODBUS: Some examples are Pump Off Controls, Variable Frequency Drives, Burner Management Systems and Electronic Submersible Pumps.

Remote access to data from these devices allows you to optimize your existing assets at an affordable cost.

Once connected to the device you can view your data and control your oil well through any laptop or cell phone.

Interfacing with a Lufkin SAM Controller

Vital Information + Pump/Surface Card & Control

With a touch of your finger you can access all the vital POC information, view surface/pump cards, and control your well.

 POC Status Registers

Register Value
Well State Pumping Normal State – (7)
Stroke Period 9
Current Load 10389
Current Torque 18240
Strokes Per Minute 6
Yest. Avg. SPM 6
Today Avg. SPM 6
Today Total Strokes 1561
Yesterday Percent Run 20
Current Percent Run 20
Pump Card Max Load 65456
Pump Card Min Load 60578
Net Stroke 14613
Pump Fillage 91
Fluid Load 3618
Surface Card Max Load 17402
Surface Card Min Load 8255


WatchDog can start, stop or change the speed of the well through the POC via your smart phone or a laptop. This allows companies to produce more oil with less equipment failures.

Pump/Surface Card:

Access to pump and surface card information provide further optimization opportunities.

For a fraction of the cost of a traditional SCADA system, WatchDog3 can now bring back data from a wide variety of devices throughout your field.

Contact AFTI Watchdog

Contact: Caleb Pierce
Email: [email protected]

Other Info: Please visit our demo site at to take a Virtual Well Site visit for yourself.

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