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ERS – Environmental Refuelling Systems Unveils Newest Innovation – The M.I.D – See Details HERE

Posted On June 13th
By : EnergyNow Media
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June 13, 2017

Booth #3301 (Outdoors), Global Petroleum Show

Environmental Refuelling Systems (ERS) unveils new innovation at GPS 2017. ERS has developed the MID (Mobile Island Dispenser), this new patent pending technology allows ERS and its high volume fuel customers to extend cardlock fuel dispensing islands with above ground containment pads from cardlock tanks or similar storage tank. The advantage is everything is above ground and fully contained, so no ground disturbance is required. The building and setup is a fraction of the cost compared to building a full-blown gas station or truck stop. Additionally, the MID is modular and mobile like the rest of ERS’ business so we can move easily in and out without leaving any footprint plus expand or contract the size of the system based on the needs of the customer or project. ERS equipment is built to the highest environmental standards with the durability to handle the toughest project conditions. 

For GPS Show Hours Click HERE   GPS Show Hours

About ERS

ERS is an industry leader in fuel management systems. The ERS standard for fuel management is simple:

We are responsible for your equipment having the right quality of fuel, when it needs it, and where it needs it.

As a result of this approach, ERS has combined the individual responsibilities in the refuelling process into a single service. ERS is responsible for each critical step in the refuelling process from procurement, transportation, onsite storage, refuelling and lubricating equipment, to a remote cardlock billing system and safety training. This provides complete continuity in quality standards, work ethic, and logistics management in the hand-off between each of the critical steps in the refuelling process.  ERS’ integrated fuel service was designed around a simple principle: the unexpected always happens.

Visit the ERS website at Environmental Fuel Systems


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