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Why Digital Marketing is Essential to Growing Your Business – BIG Interactive

Posted On September 26th
By : EnergyNow Media
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BIG Interactive




The internet has created the space and opportunity for small to medium size companies to better position themselves and compete alongside larger companies through digital media. The internet allows you to both narrow the focus of your marketing tactics and broaden your reach at the same time. Meaning, you can use specific online strategies to target niche markets by paying to get your offer in front of those who are actively searching for your product or service, but at the same time you aren’t geographically limited.

Here are 3 reasons why digital marketing is essential to your business:

  1. Consumer expectations have changed: These days when someone is looking for a product or service, they are mostly likely to begin their search online. If they hear of a new business, their initial reaction will be to go to their website, social media accounts, or even look up their location using Google Maps. When they do this, they expect to find a website and if they can’t verify you digitally, they will doubt your existence and legitimacy. A company will never gain online customers, or even in person customers if the business does not have a strong online presence.


  1. Your competition is online: if someone is looking for a product or service online and you don’t have a website and your competition does they are more likely to trust that company more and take their business there. Now, let’s say you have a website – how effective is that website at converting visitors into customers?


  1. Better understanding of your customers: Not only does digital marketing provides a vigorous customer experience, it also tracks and monitors all online activity. Therefore you are able to analyze and interpret your online visitor’s behaviours such as – How are they finding your website? Which of your website pages do they spend the most time on? This allows you to continuously work to improve your website and other online channels to improve the visitor experience.


  1. Connect like never before: The internet has allowed us to connect with our potential customers like never before. By creating a good online impression and experience for them will drive them to reach out and want to do business.


If you are thinking about building a new website, or refreshing your old one, click to download a list of the biggest website trends to look out for in 2017

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Have any questions about digital marketing? Reach out! And one of our marketing experts will be more than happy to assist!

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