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CAPPA – Production Accountants, Revenue Accountants, Royalty Accountants – Be a part of your Professional Association – JOIN or RENEW

Posted On July 21st
By : EnergyNow Media
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CAPPA Membership 2016 – 2017 (July 1 – June 30)

New and renewal memberships can be paid any time after May 1st each year.

You can enroll and renew online by using paypal/credit card. You can also send a cheque to the CAPPA office. Please include a copy of the membership form or online confirmation if you are sending a cheque to the office.

Who can be a member?

A CAPPA member is typically someone who is employed as a Production Accountant, retired from a career in Production Accounting or is a student in the CAPPA certificate program.

Membership may be of interest to, and is available for, other individuals engaged in the Oil and Gas Industry such as other energy company employees, other related program students, regulators, vendors, educators and independent contractors.

Non-Production Accountant applications for membership are subject to approval.

Full membership – $125.00 plus GST (total $131.25)

New Grad membership – $90.00 plus GST (total $94.50)

Student membership – $50.00 plus GST (total $52.50)


Please Note: All memberships are personal memberships, even if a company reimburses a member or pays for memberships via a company cheque. If a person moves from one company to another, the membership always stays with the individual and any correspondence is sent to the forwarding address or home address maintained in the roster.

Membership Benefits:

CAPPA is committed to providing members with information and resources critical to the profession of production accounting and working on behalf of our membership with government and other industry organizations as advocates on issues and developments that impact production accounting.

Membership connects you to knowledge, resources, networking and other opportunities to help you in your current and future production accounting career.

Most employers ask prospective Production Accountants for CAPPA Certificate. It’s important to include this in your resume and the CAPPA office will verify to the employer.

Top five reasons for being a member:

  1. Be a part of yourcareer and industry Professional Association
  2. Discounted fees to all Seminars, Conferences, CPD Luncheons and Social Events
  3. AGM and voting privileges
  4. Access to PA specialty Job Board
  5. Members only Resources and Information

CAPPA is a growing and dynamic organization and we encourage you to take a look at the benefits of membership.

Member Privileges:

  • AGM & Reception
  • Up-to-Date Industry Information
  • Volunteer Opportunities
  • Networking Opportunities
  • Career Services

Preferred Pricing for:

  • CPD Luncheons
  • CPD Seminars
  • Conferences
  • Social Events

Member access to extra website content including:

  • Membership Roster
  • Job Board
  • Salary Survey Results
  • Membership Surveys
  • Enhanced Production Audit Program (EPAP) Information
  • Materials from CAPPA Presentations

Affinity Programs:

  • Johnson Insurance for Home and Auto
  • Car2go
  • Career Coach by JL Careers
  • GoodLife Fitness



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