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Feature: Axis Torque – Alberta’s Own Customer-Centred Torque Wrench Specialist

Axis Torque Cover Page

Based out of Spruce Grove, Alta., Axis Torque is bridging the industry service gap between torque wrench services and its customers. Approaching their one-year anniversary for serving Alberta, Saskatchewan and British Columbia, the market need for Axis Torque was unfalteringly necessary. With reliable turnaround times and unwavering accommodation to their customers, Axis Torque prides itself on its customer-focused business model; one could say it was the passion for superior customer service that led to the creation of the company. “We don’t like to say ‘no’ at Axis Torque,” says Cam Green, General Manager – Axis Torque. “We like to do our full due diligence; we’re 100 per cent there for [our] customers…and they notice and appreciate that.”

Founded by Darren Goerz, Axis Torque is fully equipped with a compact yet dynamic team. In fact, all of their employees have been in the industry for a very long time providing customers with undeniable knowledge in the field, confidence in their work, and timeliness in their service. Unanimously well rounded in the industry and exceedingly educated in torque tool services, customers can be reassured that the service they receive through Axis Torque will be of the highest calibre in the industry.

“We are a smaller company that is locally owned,” emphasizes Green. “We can make decisions on the spot and be able to help our customer in that moment as opposed to a week from now.” Embodying the local spirit of community focus and work ethic, Axis Torque provides a variety of products and services to their customers carried out by their experienced torque tool specialists. Among the services offered are torque tool rentals, sales, calibrations, certifications and repairs on all makes and models of torque wrenches and pressure gauges.

Having worked with many industries, the team at Axis Torque recognizes the importance of accuracy in their, and their customer’s, work. “We’ve invested a lot of money into getting the best system…to make it easy for our employees and easy for our customers,” states Green. “We’ve tried to take the step ahead even as far as the technology that we’re using—our calibration is top of the line.”

A stand out among the torque wrench industry, Axis Torque works closely with their customers to ensure tight timelines are always met—and do so with a smile. “Instead of waiting two or three weeks or sometimes longer for your torque wrench certification, you can have it within two or three days,” says Green. “There is a time saving, which then equals a cost saving.” Axis Torque is filling the void in the industry with their impeccable customer support, available 24/7, and turnaround times without compromising the quality of the service. The company is a firm believer that the customer and their needs are consistently a top priority, even if that means a short time frame to get the job done.

Part of Axis Torque’s success is a result of consistent, friendly and reliable communication between the company and its customer before, during and after the service. “Communication is key,” stresses Green. “We communicate with the customer on the repair or the rental and we always follow-up when done.” Ensuring the customer is satisfied with their product or service is an imperative feature embedded within the company’s principles and has become a key factor for the company’s loyal customer base. “Clients are coming back a second and third time as they realize that we are there for them in a timely manner,” says Green.

Complementing Axis Torque’s company attributes are their warranties, recognized as some of the best in the industry. “Our warranties are backed by our manufactures and by Axis Torque, so when there are any issues within that warranty time, [the customer is] going to be taken care of,” states Green. With on-call staff available 24/7, customers continuously have access to someone who can help solve a problem. It is not hard to believe that going the extra mile and honouring their word are foundational to the company’s core principles and philosophy. With a foundation based upon customer satisfaction, product knowledge, industry advances, Alberta is fortunate to have Axis Torque call it “home.”

With future endeavours to expand, Axis Torque is a trusted company among its customers and, based on the company’s values and persona, it is easy to see why.

For information on the torque wrench products and services offered by Axis Torque, visit them online at, or contact Cam Green at 780-499-5434 or

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