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$1000 for On/Off Well Status – AFTI Watchdog

Posted On August 23rd
By : EnergyNow Media
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WatchDog2 is now available at a reduced price!

WatchDog2- Call Out Only

The original WatchDog2 controller with on/off call out capabilities is now available for a reduced price of $1000.

WatchDog 2 is powered by lithium batteries and uses a satellite modem to communicate. Operators can perform their own installs resulting in additional cost saving measures.

WatchDog2 is rated for Class 1 Div 1 Hazardous Locations.

Available Sensors for Detecting On/Off

Vibration Sensor, Electric Current Sensor, and/or Temperature Sensor (Polish Rod Test).

Vibration Sensor:

  •  The Vibration Sensor attaches to the pump and alerts the operator when movement stops. ($1000)


Electric Current Sensor:

  • In addition to determining on/off for electric driven wells, the Electric Current Sensor also detects changes to power consumption. The Electric Current Sensor is non intrusive and is attached to the exterior of the conduit carrying power to the well. ($1075)


Temperature Sensor (Polish Rod Test):

  • Ever consider the benefits of having a 24 hour polish rod test on your well? The temperature sensor attaches to the tubing to determine if fluid is being produced and flags changes to fluid production.


($1250 with Vibration Sensor, $1375 with Electric Current Sensor)

Contact AFTI Watchdog

Contact: Caleb Pierce
Email: [email protected]

Other Info: Please visit our demo site at to take a Virtual Well Site visit for yourself.

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